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You Blockheads! PETA Protesters “Cement” Their Status As Activists Outside a Nashville Starbucks!

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Everyone is protesting everything these days! If you don’t have a cause and aren’t willing to carry a sign or block a highway, then you ain’t down man!

It doesn’t matter what the cause is. Peace overseas, women’s reproductive rights, BLM, PETA, whatever; just pick one, make a sign and let’s go!

Unless it’s a BLM protest. Then get your ski mask, mix up your Molotov cocktails and let’s party like it’s 2020!

I think if I have to pick a cause, I am going with the fine folks over at PETA. They are creative, usually nonviolent, and I don’t have to wear a ski mask. Too damn hot in the summer! Plus, when the protest is over, I can get a burger or a vanilla latte from Starbucks.

Speaking of PETA and Starbucks, some blockheads in Nashville decided to set their principles in stone and cement their legacies outside a Nashville Starbucks. Let’s check with 100percentfedup for the details:

Outside of a Nashville Starbucks, a group of vegan protestors cemented themselves inside blocks of concrete in protest of the surcharge placed on non-dairy milk.

The protestors – standing in cement to symbolize ‘not budging’ from their efforts to end the upcharge on non-dairy milk – waved around signs to “end the vegan upcharge.” The protestors demanded that the company “stop penalizing people who are concerned for cows, the environment, and their own health by charging extra for plant-based milks.”

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Only in 2022 America are we so self-absorbed and self-involved that we will protest having to pay a few cents more for soy milk.

There are people in America that have real problems. I would be too embarrassed to protest that my 6-dollar cup of coffee was too expensive because of the extra charge for the soy milk. All of this is done under the guise of wanting to protect cows. Last time I checked, and I grew up on a dairy farm, cows don’t really care if you milk them. It’s a mooooot point. See what I did there?

In fact, it’s bad for a dairy cow if you DON’T milk it. So put that in your cup and drink it, protesters!

The movement itself began earlier this summer when protestors superglued their hands to Starbucks counters in Chicago, New York City, and Seattle.

Thursday’s Nashville protest shut down an entire street at West End Avenue and the protestors were ultimately arrested. One protestor was taken to the hospital due to foot pain from the cement.

One of the participants, Daniel Bifano from Michigan, refused to leave his cement block and was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

I wrote about a similar protest here earlier this summer when actor James Cromwell glued his paw to the counter in a Manhattan Starbucks protesting the same petty cause. I’m shocked Starbucks hasn’t relented.

Switching from superglue to cement is quite the leap, even if our heroes in this instance couldn’t even walk, no less leap. In fact, one stone footed fellow had to go to the hospital for piggy pain from being encased in cement. Imagine that.

All I can say is, keep fighting the good fight, boys! Cows everywhere are moooooved by your determination.

Milk every drop off attention you can out of this udderly ridiculous scenario, and maybe someday cows will be free to hoof about, unencumbered by our greedy desires for a splash of dairy.