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Florida Teacher Busts a Move at Prom, Gets Busted

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High school dances are some of the most awkward social events a kid will ever endure. Especially kids that aren’t super cool or good looking or outgoing. Just a whole lot of standing in the shadows with your nerdy friends, watching other people have fun and talk to the cute girls. I’m not sure if I described my own experience or literally every 80’s John Hughes movie.

Either way, most of us grow up and grow out of the awkwardness eventually, often just in time for the crowning achievement of teen angst, the Senior Prom. Such a glorious display of excess! Expensive rental tuxedos, expensive dresses, overpriced, mediocre food. It’s a blast!

Every prom has to have a bad DJ, right? Someone who looks a little shady, making subtly inappropriate comments from behind the turntable, checking out the high school girls like Wooderson in “Dazed and Confused”.  A good DJ is essential to set the mood and get the kids on the floor! Unfortunately, one Florida teacher FORGOT back in April that she was at a prom, not Studio 54 and recently got arrested for busting a move all over a male student. Not cool. Check this out from the New York Post:

A former teacher at a Christian high school in Florida was arrested for inappropriate behavior with a student for a second time this summer — this time stemming from accusations she twerked on a male student at prom.

Guess it turns out elementary school kids aren’t the only ones being groomed in Florida. By the way, what the heck is going on in the Sunshine State? Disney is filthy, overpriced and full of creeps, you have crazy men with bucket loaders smashing cars, python hunts in the Everglades, and seemingly a shark attack every day! Sound like a blast.

I guess I don’t need to point out the cringe factor of it being a Christian high school. I went to public school, and while “twerking” wasn’t a thing yet, we couldn’t get any teachers on the floor, nor did we want them.

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Julie Hoover, who used to teach at Point of Grace Christian School in Perry, was cuffed last week on charges of an authority figure soliciting or engaging in lewd conduct with a student and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to police records.

Clearly Mrs. Hoover has went off the rails. Maybe someone spiked the punch. Is that a thing, or do I watch too many old teen movies? Either way as an educator, you should at least possess SOME sense of what is inappropriate. Twerking on little Billy is definitely inappropriate, whether he liked it or not. Apparently, that’s a “not”. Have you ever seen a 39-year-old twerk? Terrifying.

The newest charges come after a student told investigators Hoover twerked on him and pressured him to drink alcohol at his high school prom on April 8.

He told investigators he became so uncomfortable while she twerked on him that other students tried to squeeze in between the then-teacher and the boy several times to try to get her to stop. At least two students who stepped in corroborated the incident.

‘Come on Billy, all the cool kids are drinking, just have a sip. And tell me if this rag smells like chloroform. ‘ Were the other kids trying to step in and stop, or did they want a turn? Considering most teenagers think 39 is ancient, they were probably thought they were trying to save their classmate from the crypt keeper.

This isn’t the only time Hoover has been in trouble for creeping on teenage boys.

Hoover, 39, was previously arrested in June and charged with one count of an authority figure soliciting or engaging in sex with a student after allegedly exchanging explicit messages with an 18-year-old senior student.

Ok, clearly this woman has a problem. Eighteen may be legal age, but not if you are in a position of authority, oh, like a teacher!

Mrs. Hoover needs to get her resume in at Disney and get out of the teaching profession permanently. Once she is out of jail, that is.