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Democrat Assault On United States History Continues

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Once again, the Democrats are pushing legislation to remove all traces of the founding of the United States. Democratic Reps. Mike Friberg and Peter Fischer are pioneering an effort to redesign the Minnesota state flag. The bill passed the House panel on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. The vote passed along party lines, with 8 Democrats for the bill and 5 Republicans against it. The bill will now move on to the Republican-controlled state Senate. The future of the bill is uncertain.

In a time where alt-left Democrats are tearing down as many foundational elements of the United States of America, it now has the Minnesota flag in its sights. The 14 member commission to redesign the flag would be appointed by the governor and members of the state’s ethnic and indigenous councils.

Why in the world should the state’s ethnic and indigenous councils be allowed to establish who should be on the commission to redesign the flag? Are they somehow more important than other Americans? With all due respect to the original inhabitants of Minnesota, there have been generations of Americans of all races, creeds, and colors living there since the birth of the state. The flag symbolized the struggle of the settlers and the Native Americans at the beginning of Minnesota’s statehood.

If you were to create a flag representing the Native Americans instead of the inclusiveness of the struggle that brought the state into the Union, then it seems you are trying to deny the history of truth. The truth is that settlers came into the land, and Native Americans were conquered by either trade deals, war, disease, or other government decrees. It is also true that this was not kind to the Native American people.

To say today that somehow the Native Americans have more of a right to state symbolism is racist and unamerican. If all inhabitants of the state were to appoint the commission, it would be a different story. But the anti-Europian phobia integrated into all alt-left politics is quickly permeating all levels of government.

The current state flag displays the official state seal in the middle of a blue background. A white settler is cultivating the ground, and a Native American is riding a horse in the background.

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According to an AP news article, Kevin Jensvold, a tribal chairman for the Yellow Medicine Dakota of the Upper Sioux Community, had this to say:

“You see a very distinct line that is created by the plowed fields right in the middle showing that there is a division between the European at that time and the Indigenous person, and basically pushing them off into the sunset,” he said. “That way of life, that genocidal attempt to destroy our culture is depicted on that flag.”

Proponents of the bill allege that the current state flag is offensive to Native Americans. Two high school students approached Rep. Peter Fischer in 2017 with objections to the flag. Some of the complaints were that the flag had too many colors and that a child could not remember it from memory.

Who am I to say that the leftist agenda is offensive too? The left has no regard for history. If the Minnesota flag is the best representation of history, I am offended that they continue to try to destroy the facts. This is why everyone must vote.

Get involved in your hometown politics. Run for your school boards, principle, townships, and mayors. You can no longer sit on the sidelines. America needs you. To be silent is to allow the alt-left to win.