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Yuck: Human Urine Is Being Used As Substitute For Fertilizer

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Corporate media channels are now advocating the use of human pee as a “environmentally friendly” solution to the chronic fertilizer shortages that are affecting farmers in the United States.

According to the National Pulse, since 2016, the federal government of the United States has provided funding for research on the use of human urine as fertilizer. Despite this, the approach has recently witnessed a surge in popularity due to worldwide fertilizer and food shortages. Many people have pointed the finger at the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as the cause of this scarcity; however, the push for “green” energy by environmental activists and Democrats has played a significant role in reducing the available supply of resources that are needed for the production of fertilizer.

In a recent episode on CNN a political pundit stated “Farmers throughout the globe are suffering. In an article published in July that profiled Vermont farmers who were taking part in an exchange scheme in which chemical fertilizers were swapped for human urine, the phrase “your pee might help” was used to promote the notion.

The section opens with the statement that “Farmers in Vermont are finding comfort from an unexpected source: human urine,” and then goes on to profile various farmers who are participating in the initiative. During the course of the episode, there are no critiques provided that address the possible risks to public health.

According to Kim Nace, co-founder of the Rich Earth Institute, “we have upwards of about 200 individuals who consistently contribute their pee.” “In Brattleboro, we have upwards of about 200 people who regularly donate their urine.” Farmers are interested in using the waste product as an alternative source of fertilizer because of the high quantities of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium that it contains. These components are often present in conventional fertilizer.

The Nation Pulse had more details to add to the disturbing story:

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“Beyond the practical benefits of turning urine into fertilizer, some are also drawn to a transformative idea behind the endeavor. By reusing something once flushed away, they say, they are taking a revolutionary step toward tackling the biodiversity and climate crises: Moving away from a system that constantly extracts and discards, toward a more circular economy that reuses and recycles in a continuous loop,” explains the article, which proceeds to dismiss concerns over the unsanitary nature of the fertilizing method:

“Then there’s the ick factor, which peecycling supporters confront head on.

“Human waste is already being used to fertilize foods you find in the grocery store,” said Kim Nace, a co-founder of the Rich Earth Institute, which collects the urine of some 200 volunteers in Vermont, including Ms. Lucy’s, for research and application on a handful of local farms.”

It doesn’t matter how much technology we throw at this issue; we won’t get any closer to implementing a solution until we make headway in the second area, which is the social behavior component. According to researcher Nancy Love, “We are researching the attitudes individuals have about the usage of urine-derived fertilizers and will be testing and assessing educational interventions.”

It’s not surprising that Bernie Sander’s home state is spending million of dollars trying to figure out how to brainwash the masses to accept using human urine as a legit substitute for fertilizer.