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You Won’t Believe What This Man Lost After Taking His Final Dumpster Dive

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In a bizarre accident, a man has taken his final dive into any type of dumpster, that’s not to say he was a frequent diver, but he was chasing something valuable to him down a chute, and ended up losing even more.

Surveillance camera film from an apartment complex in Brooklyn shows the perplexing moment when a man jumped into a dumpster chute and plunged to his demise, as a lady and one more man watched the events unfold firsthand.

Video of the deadly episode came from the first-floor hallway of the Medgar Evers lofts in Stuyvesant Heights at around 4 am on Thursday. The unidentified man was subsequently viewed as disfigured at the lower part of the chute. He had plunged to his passing 15 minutes before his body was found.

The NYPD has not remarked on why the man went into the trash chute, yet neighbors are saying he was attempting to recover his keys.

Specialists are likewise investigating whether the casualty passed on straightforwardly from the fall or on the other hand assuming he had erroneously gone into the compactor piece of the dumpster, where he was viewed as deformed.

No proof in the CCTV film shows keys being dropped into the pit, as the man is seen conversing with one more man prior to opening the trash chute’s trapdoor and the sliding portion of his body inside.

He then appears to sit on the edge of the chute before choosing to dive halfway down, held back from falling by the lady, to go down the unknown, the video shows. The man sitting on the edge of the chute and the other man kept on talking before his body is totally inside the chute and the door is shut.

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The lady and the other man then, at that point, lean to look inside the trash pit to keep an eye on the man, using their phone flashlights to try and see down the chute. The other man then goes inside the chute with his two arms and head, while the lady holds onto his lower body in a bid to keep him from falling in.

“If you throw your keys in the incinerator, leave them,” Anthony Gordon, 60, who lives in the building on the fourth floor. “You can always get more keys made, but you can’t get another life,” he continued. “Why would you go get your keys in the incinerator?”

Prince Watson, another resident living on the structure’s fifth floor said he had never seen the individuals in the video, yet referenced that seeing outsiders in the high rise was not unusual.

“I’ve never heard of anything like that before, but that’s 2022 for you,” Prince, who is 30 years of age said, and I’d be inclined to agree.

However, not everyone is convinced that this was a simple fall of death. Some question how the man got hurt so brutally bad by falling just one story, while others wonder if anyone has questioned if something might have happened before the incident seen on camera took place. One thing is for sure, and that’s if you ever question if something is safe or not, the best thing to do is not take your chances and live to dive another day.