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You Won’t Believe the Karma That Comes Around After This Woman Returns From a Deep Coma

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

We all know the saying what goes around comes around. It’s something some of us were taught as youngsters, we’ve heard it in songs, and seen it on the big screen. Some funny videos on social media show instant karma, and some of us have even experienced it. However, karma has hit very few as hard as it did Daniel.

Upon waking up from a coma that lasted two years, Wanda Palmer pointed to her brother, Daniel Palmer III who is 55 years old as being the person who tried to kill her back in 2020.

Wanda was found by neighbors unconscious with serious head wounds at her home back on June 10, 2020. At the point when authorities showed up, they found her slouched over on a lounge chair, lethargic, and badly wounded. However, with her being in her current state there was no way to know what happened or who might have done this to her.

Court reports said that the siblings had a “violent history”, and surely anyone who has siblings can attest that there is often rivalry among each other and that’s just what they do. However, this goes beyond the typical fighting and arguing most if not all siblings experience when younger. From the beginning, Daniel was a suspect after the scene was examined fully, but there was no hard evidence to place on him, and with lack of proof nothing could be done.

Additionally, the documents showed that when Daniel was interviewed, he denied any association with the wrongdoing and asserted he hadn’t been to his sister’s house in a few days. However, an observer said that they had seen him at the house around noon the same day she was attacked.

On June 27, one of Wanda’s caretakers got in touch with authorities and let them know that she was slowly beginning to move and speak single words. She looked as though she was coming to and was responsive to simple questions. A few days later a couple of deputies went to visit her and asked her questions about her injuries and what happened.

She was responsive and was able to recall details before the attack. She remembered that she resided in her trailer close to her mom’s house and that she was also attacked there.

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“She made mention of her head,” one of the deputies wrote in his report, making note of the region of her body where she was harmed. The report said that she guaranteed that the individual who did this to her was none other than her brother, Daniel.

“When asked why Daniel assaulted her, Wanda stated that ‘he was mean,’ “ the complaint said.

Additionally, the deputy expressed that Wanda looked as though she was “oriented” to her circumstances and her responses to the questions were “coherent” and “relevant.” He added, “She asked for prayer.”

Community members and family who are aware of the situation and love Wanda are more than elated to have her come out of her coma. Not only are they happy to see her wake up, but they also believe her fully when she says her brother committed the crime.

One person, Myssi Powers, who has known both Wanda and Daniel for years said “For her to be able to wake up and give the name, thank God. That’s all I can say, thank God, because she definitely deserves justice. Definitely,” 

After some more investigation, it only took a few hours before Daniel was in custody Friday morning. He resisted arrest and was very combative when authorities were trying to take him in, but now he has a bond set at $500,000, and he’s sitting in the South Central Regional Jail where he’ll have all the time he needs to think about what he’s done.

He probably didn’t count on his sister waking back up or remembering what he did to her. You never know what may happen in the future or when karma may come back around to bite you, so do onto others as you’d have done to yourself.