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YIKES: Wild Video Out of California Shows EV Charging Nightmare Waiting to Happen

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Proponents of electric vehicles often use the charging stations that electric vehicles require as a prime example of what they think is so good about EVs. Though they acknowledge that the charging stations take longer to charge an EV than it takes to fill up a car or truck at a gas pump, they often cite the lower cost of a charging station than a gas pump as why the whole EV idea is so good.

What they ignore, however, is all the bad stuff that can happen as you wait endlessly for your car to charge. Sure, they argue, thirty minutes might seem like not that bad, you can just read a chapter or two in a book, grab a quick lunch, go for a walk, or do something else while you wait for it to fill up.

But what if you don’t want to hang around in your car by a charging station or leave your car unattended by a charging station for so long because the area looks dangerous or, at the very least, like somewhere where an unattended car might be “examined” for valuables by those living nearby? Well then having to fill up at an EV charging station seems like a nightmare.

Such is what was exposed by a shocking video that recently came out of California, one that shows what looks like a homeless camp built up around the charging stations. Would you want to leave your brand new Tesla in the middle of a homeless camp or sit around in one for thirty minutes, unable to move because your car is uncharged?

Watch the video of that here:

Say what you will about carbon emissions from a combustion-powered car, but at least you don’t have to sit around in an area like that for thirty minutes or leave your refilling car unattended in such for thirty minutes in all but the rarest and most fringe circumstances.

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Gas stations can be dangerous even with the relatively short amount of time it currently takes to fill up a car. Robberies, shootings, and carjackings, all happen at gas pumps. What will happen when the waiting and immobility problem gets even worse and camps like the one above pop up around homeless camps? Nothing good, probably. In fact, it seems reasonable to suggest that the problem will get even worse.

That’s the idea that actor James Woods pushed, arguing that EV stations are likely to be even more dangerous than gas stations. He called it a “nightmare” and, indeed, if the above video is in any way representative of what will happen, it sure does seem like the EV situation will be a nightmare. And that’s before flooding is taken into account.

Then there’s the California bill referenced in the above tweet. NPR, reporting on that aspect of the problem, said:

California wants to drive a stake into the heart of gas-powered vehicles.

State regulators approved a policy Thursday that will ban the sale of new gas cars by 2035 in what is the country’s largest auto market.

It’s part of an ambitious plan to fight climate change by accelerating the transition to an electric future, and it’s a decision a handful of states are expected to follow.

Despite the strong demand for electric cars, sales made up only 3% of total car sales last year.

The race now is for automakers to increase the production of electric vehicles

We’ll see what happens. But right now this sure does seem like a nightmare waiting to happen.

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