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WOW: Soldier Succeeds in Rescuing Desperate Dog that Snuck onto Base

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U.S. Army Specialist Howe, deployed overseas, recently received a gift from the gods when a pup snuck onto his base. Rather than shoo it away or let someone else take it in and care for it after it darted through the gate and started nuzzling up against him, Specialist Howe decided to take the dog in and care for it.

Specialist Howe, who spoke to Paws of War, a New York-based animal rescue nonprofit, about the incident, said that the pup was attempting to escape the dangerous and cruel conditions outside the base. He also said that it was as if the dog knew him when it ran right up to him after escaping into the safety and relative comfort of the military base.

And so he started taking care of the dog, which he named “Doc,” feeding it and giving it water as it was, in his words “very dehydrated and desperately hungry.”

But the dog returned the favor for all the men on the base, giving them a much-needed morale boost and remaining intensely loyal to Specialist Howe, refusing to leave his side and leading other soldiers to jokingly call the dog “shadow,” as it remains right next to him all the time.

Paws of War, commenting on that morale boost the dog gave the troops, said “He walks around his newfound family members, wagging his tail and giving kisses in exchange for a few belly rubs.”

Specialist Howe, commenting on his friendship with the dog, said “Wherever I do, he’s right there” and “I love having him with me.”

And, thanks to the Paws of War non-profit, Specialist Howe is going to get to take the dog home to America, away from the hell outside the overseas base, as Fox News Digital reported, saying:

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Paws of War was eventually contacted to help the soldiers get the job done — and the group obliged.

[…]Howe explained to Paws of War that as a proud infantryman, he took a pledge to “help and protect” — so saving Doc comes as an “indescribable relief.”

[…]Doc is currently being kept in foster care while he awaits a flight out to the United States. Officials are not sure of the dog’s breed as of yet; they plan to run DNA tests once the animal is on U.S. soil.

The co-founder of Paws of War, Robert Misseri, commented on the situation as well, saying:

“Doc may be just one dog overseas, but it’s one dog’s life that we can change and prevent his soldier from feeling the guilt of having to leave him behind.”

Misseri added that, while many soldiers have been forced to leave behind pets they picked up overseas, “We have the opportunity to change that now” and “They both deserve to be together.

Thank goodness for Misseri’s work to bring the pups home, Howe’s generosity and kindness in caring for the dog, and the morale boost brought by the pup’s loyalty and kindness. In a dark world, it’s nice to see some bright spots.

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