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Women Salivate Over Momoa as He Reveals Body For Aquaman Sequel

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Men receive a lot of flack when it comes to objectifying women in nearly everything they do, but let’s be honest ladies…Jason Momoa was what made Aquaman a massive success. Aquaman was one of the worst movies DC and Warner Brother’s has ever put out. Okay, so maybe not the worst, but of all the DC films, it really wasn’t that great. Its success was because of us. The millions of ladies around the globe that gathered in theaters to oogle, stare at, salivate over, drool, or fantasize about Aquaman, which led to the majority of the cast being resigned for at least one more sequel.

Momoa, who is now 42 years old, is undoubtedly an attractive man, and his athletic lifestyle helps to keep his physique close to where he needs it for a majority of his films. The actor, who started off as a model, had a relatively successful tv career on Stargate Atlantis before breaking out into movie stardom in the remake of Conan alongside Ron Perlman.

Aquaman changed everything, though. With Zach Snyder originally at the helm of the DC movie verse, it almost felt like the role of Aquaman was written for the hulking, 6’4″ star. It doesn’t require a lot of acting skills to play the half-Atlantean superhero, just a great smile and a fantastic physique to show off beneath golden, skintight, scaley, armor.

As Jack Nicholson once famously told Michael Keaton on the set of Batman, “Just let the wardrobe do the acting.”

To be perfectly fair, he wasn’t wrong. As much as we love superhero action flicks, there’s not a lot of acting that takes place. Especially in the DC-verse where it’s all about being as flashy as possible. You just need to look good while throwing and taking punches on screen. It’s all about the CGI and the action sequences, unless you are Andy Serkis or Benedict Cumberbatch. There isn’t room for acting.

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There is, however, room for controversy. Amber Heard, the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, made claims that she was abused. Johnny Depp responded that she had faked it for the sake of a large divorce settlement. The two are still battling it out in court, but Amber Heard who plays Mera in the Aquaman movies, is still working after a UK High Court ruled Heard had proven her allegations to a civil standard. Johnny Depp, on the other hand, was fired from the Fantastic Beast’s series and replaced by Mads Mikkelson because of that ruling.

It remains to be seen how well Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will do when it hits theaters. Can the sex appeal of Jason Momoa get past the controversy of his leading co-star? Will Amber Heard destroy the ratings? Make no mistake, women enjoying the sight of Jason Momoa on screen was the largest reason for the movie’s success. Is it possible that women boycotting the film, who are equally enraged by Amber Heard’s accusations against another sex symbol, will sink the movie before it even sets sail?