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Woke Teacher Sends ‘Threatening’ Email to Student Who Voiced Views Against Equality Agenda

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

A teacher in Rhode Island has come under fire from parents for sending a student a “threatening” email after he disapproved of the school’s damaging equality policies. Kevin Blanchard, an English teacher at Barrington High School in Rhode Island warned the teen to “watch your back” and accused him of “invading my classroom space” with “methods that verge on the criminal,” after the student campaigned against his pro-de-leveling policies.

‘De-Leveling’ is part of the latest woke fad in schools whereby students are not put into classes based on the level of their academic ability but are instead thrown into a melting pot together. This means that students with lower abilities in certain subjects often do not get the level of help they need and kids who are capable of tackling more advanced content are held back – all for the sake of appearing to be ‘inclusive’.

The un-named student at Barrington High had spoken out against de-leveling at a school board meeting last April and organized a feedback survey for his classmates to encourage discussion about the woke agenda. But Blanchard, who’s LinkedIn profile states he has worked as a teacher at Barrington High for 24 years, took offense at his student’s activism and penned what parents have deemed a “threatening” email to him. “When you first read… the email it appears that he is trying to say that [the anonymous student] did something criminal,” said a parent. “A teacher in a position of power was using this type of language with a student and he was foolish enough to put it in an email… This type of threatening and intimidating language is never a good idea.”

The family of the boy requested that their son was removed from Blanchard’s classes after seeing the email and demanded that the school take action against the woke teacher’s disgraceful actions. “We want to know what Mr. Blanchard’s punishment would be, if any,” said the Van Ness family. [School principal] Hurley told us that he could not tell us because it was a personal matter.”

The disgraced English teacher has hardly hidden his eye-wateringly woke agenda. In 2018, he (rather hypocritically, given the circumstances he now finds himself in) published a blog article entitled ‘Students Should Be Actvists” – but only woke activists, of course. In the article, which Blanchard posted on his LinkedIn page, the lefty activist wrote that he used to think it “enough” to encourage kids to “think about important things like education, race, gender and class” but came to the conclusion that he’s “not sure I believe that [just encouraging them to think is enough] any more,” suggesting that more extreme methods should be used to ensure kids are indoctrinated with the ‘correct’ opinions.

He went on to talk about the Columbine High School shooting and finished the rant by encouraging readers and fellow teachers to “take this opportunity to let your voices be heard on gun control and gun violence in the United States. Write. Speak. Sit in. Stand up. Advocate for change. Make your own extraordinary declaration. Assert yourself. I will do the same,” he vows.