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Woke Left Coast School District Promotes Video of Partially Nude Non-Binary Activist For Pronoun Education

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In case you needed more proof of how much of a cesspool the City of Angels is, the public organization charged with educating children is relying upon videos made by gender activists to inform children, parents, and teachers on the new woke pronoun structure, and one of the videos links to photos of a self-proclaimed non-binary person/activist who is half naked.

The organization in question is the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), more specifically its Human Relations, Diversity & Equity Office, which for some reason has an Instagram account. Among the posts on the ‘gram is the video of a“non-binary” activist named Addison Vincent, a biological man who goes by“they/them” pronouns to reflect his (their?) non-binary status. But Vincent is not alone, as the video is the brainchild of someone named Blair Imani who also founded some woke SJW “think tank” that releases a video series called “Smarter in Seconds,” which sounds like the anti-PragerU.

The pronoun education begins with an introduction of the host/hostess/hosts/hostesses Vincent and Imani, then leaps into preaching, insisting that assuming a person’s gender based on appearance is not only rude, but wrong. As The DailyCaller reports, Blair Imani stumbles through progressive pedagogy:

“Gender is an array of mental and behavioral characteristics … that relate to, differentiate from and go beyond understandings of neutrality, femininity, and masculinity.”

But she then appears to claim that while children, parents, and teachers need to know the new pronoun structure, they don’t actually need to know a person’s gender, as curiosity could lead to asking offensive gender probing questions, or mental anguish due to misgendering someone:

“You don’t actually need to know someone’s gender identity — so make a habit of recognizing that your curiosity doesn’t entitle you to personal information.”

If you were to click on the embedded links in the video post, you will be taken to what Imani refers to as Vincent’s “absolutely gorgeous boudoir photos”  on his personal Instagram account. Let’s take the Post Millennial‘s word when they (it?) tell us that the photos are overtly sexual with Vincent posting in little to no attire.

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Or you can click below and see for yourself:

If Addison Vincent sounds familiar, it is because he appeared on the Dr. Phil Show across from The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh in a conversation on the definition of “woman.” Walsh later released his documentary “What Is A Woman?” which featured the confrontation between him and Vincent.

If real educators were in charge, the LAUSD would be more concerned with the district’s dismal proficiency rate in math and reading. Instead, it (they?) spend countless hours and pours thousands of dollars of resources into promoting LGBTQ+ indoctrination, including something called a “Queer All School Year” calendar featuring LGBTQ+-based lessons and training.

Fortunately, there is pushback.

Parents Defending Education, an organization that promotes parental control in children’s education, elucidated just how grave the situation is in the LAUSD, how low the standards have fallen, and how programming runs counter to family values and beliefs. The organization’s president and co-founder Nicole Neily told The Daily Caller:

“LAUSD has an elementary school math proficiency rate of 36%, which drops to 27% in middle school and 23% in high school — while reading proficiency is 43%, 37%, and 49%, respectively. Perhaps district administrators should refocus their attention into actually providing students with the knowledge and skills that they will need to thrive in life, and not waste finite district resources on unrelated topics that likely clash with many families’ beliefs and values.”