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Wild Video Shows Armed Homeowner Teach Burglars a Lesson They Won’t Forget

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A pulse-pounding video recently released by the Escambia County Sheriff, Chip Simmons, shows what happened when three men, at least one of whom was carrying a gun, breaking into the home of a man in Escambia County around midnight on July 7.

In the video, the three criminals are seen breaking into the house, of of them while carrying a gun. Moments later, they come sprinting out of the house as rifle fire trails them, with that fire reportedly coming from an AK-47 style rifle.

Watch the video here:

Upon entering the house, one of the men reportedly grabbed a handgun from his pants but waited outside, giving the homeowner time to retrieve the AK-47-style rifle and start blasting away at the criminals.

Sheriff Simmons, discussing the incident, said:

When the victim unlocks the door, two of the males push him into the house and attack him. The third male pulls a handgun from his pants and waits outside. The victim’s pistol fell to the ground and was picked up by one of the invaders. The victim ran to the back room of the house where he had another firearm and began firing at his intruders.

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Further, saying that the homeowner would certainly not be charged for the incident and shooting at the intruders, said:

He started shooting for his own protection, to get them out of his house and to protect himself.

The homeowner’s protecting himself. And in Florida, in Escambia County, you can protect yourself.

If someone breaks into my front door, barges in and attacks me or my family, they are going to get shot. I afford that same consideration to the residents of my county.”

So at least the homeowner wasn’t given the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment after having to fight four thugs off of his property in the dead of night, something that would have made the whole incident even worse.

Reporting on what arrests have happened since the incident, the New York Post reports:

Da’Torrance Hackworth, 20, and Antonio Dewayne Dean Jr., 18, were both picked up and now face a slew of raps including home invasion and illegal gun possession.

Sheriff Simmons, describing the case of another man who might have been involved, said:

“We get a report of a third individual that had a wound to the head not long after [the home invasion]. The stories he’s giving us as to how he got shot in the head are inconsistent at best. In short, we don’t believe him. So what we’re looking at is to determine whether this is the third person that was involved.” 

Such videos as this one show why “assault rifles” are needed. The handgun the homeowner had didn’t do the trick; he dropped it and it failed to intimidate the thugs. But when he started firing away with an AK? That got them running. Perhaps they would have started running at the door had he had that gun ready to go in the first place…

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