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Wife Kills Husband to Pay for Mortgage

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Marriage is hard enough when you have two people trying to work together towards a common goal. However, when you have one of those people who are intent on getting what they want no matter the cost, marriage can be a lot more dangerous. Unfortunately for Carmen Henderson, an 84-year-old retired Chief Deputy Sheriff for Dauphin County, he discovered the lengths people would go for money a little too late. Not content with their lovely home in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, his wife Evelyn Zigerelli-Henderson, aged 66 and a former political candidate for Dauphin County, bought a vacation home with money from her husband Carmen’s business “Henderson Limousine Service.” It is unknown which party Mrs. Henderson was affiliated with, but if I had to take a guess, it would probably be a party that starts with “D.”

When that wasn’t enough, she used Mr. Henderson’s savings from his working years for trips to day spas. Then as her desire for more was unquenched, she bankrupted her husband’s business and took a second mortgage out on their home to spend money on herself. Due to Mrs. Henderson’s greed, the couple lost their business and owed $40,000 on their house. Then the phone calls asking for the repayment of those debts came in. Mrs. Henderson knew they would soon foreclose on the home she and her husband resided in.

Evelyn, also known as Evey, after 30 years of marriage, decided it was time for her husband to help her pay the bills even more. So on June 16th, 2022, Mrs. Henderson called 911 to state that her husband had caught himself on fire while smoking one of his cigars. Mrs. Henderson spoke to the police when they arrived. They found her husband’s naked dead body on the back porch with burns. Police say she repeatedly changed her story about how her husband died. At one point, she stated that her husband must have committed suicide because of an argument they had earlier that evening. She finally settled on saying that his pants leg had caught on fire and that he asked her for help, but she decided against helping him.

Mrs. Henderson’s story did not fool the police because they noticed fly larvae in Mr. Henderson’s mouth and nostrils. According to police, this means that Mr. Henderson must have been deceased for some time. Upon further questioning, it became clear that Mrs. Henderson had likely killed her husband for the $10,000 life insurance policy he had from working as the chief deputy sheriff in Dauphin County. Although she did not outright confess to the crime, she indicated that they would likely take their home within weeks if she didn’t come up with the money. She added that her husband was likely to be able to live with his children from a previous marriage but that she would end up homeless. Evelyn was arrested and taken to the Dauphin County detention center. She was denied bail and will have a preliminary hearing on June 23rd, 2022.