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Why Is This Secret Service Member Resigning?

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

When it comes to America and its highest elected leaders, some individuals might be in danger. From politicians to the president, they need to be protected at all times. They could be in danger for many reasons, but it is mostly due to passing or not passing something that people severely disagree with and are passionate about.

That’s where the secret service comes in. They are hired to protect these highest elected leaders, visiting foreign heads of state and national special security events, and protect the U.S. financial infrastructure and payment systems. When there is a threat of any kind or even suspicion, they will quickly act to ensure the safety of these elected leaders.

With a job like that, I’m sure there comes some sort of valid pride. So why would someone want to quit or retire from this line of work?

Well, according to the agency James Murray – not only a secret service agent, but the director – has decided to retire on July 30. Murray has served in the part under both President Biden and Donald Trump. He first began his higher role as director back in April 2019, and he plans to join a technology organization as the head of worldwide security after his retirement.

It looks like it was a step up going from director to head of security – and worldwide at that.

Biden and his wife Jill both thanked Murray for his administration in an explanation on Thursday, saying that “he has led a long and distinguished career in federal and military service for three decades. Jim embodies the meaning of service over self and protected the families of U.S. Presidents like they were part of his own. We are incredibly grateful for his service to our country and our family.” That’s quite the articulate statement from our babbling Joe, I wonder who wrote it for him.

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There are talks that this move is being done in light of the Jan. 6 riots since the agency is getting the spotlight shined on them, and questions are rising between Trump and a secret service specialist. However, a source says that Murray’s retirement has been in progress for quite a considerable length of time and is not connected with the new declaration or the House panel’s examination.

This however didn’t stop Cassidy Hutchinson, a previous White House assistant, from affirming that before the House select panel last month that Ornato, presently right-hand overseer of preparing at the organization, told her that Trump became furious when he took in his detail chief, Bobby Engel, wouldn’t take him to the US Capitol. All things being equal, they got back to the White House following Trump’s speech at the Ellipse that people like to think caused the riot.

Neither Oranto nor Engel have commented openly on Hutchinson’s declaration. A secret service official recently said that Engel denied that Trump lunged at anyone and that Ornato denied telling Hutchinson the same. The official didn’t debate that Trump directed his representatives to take him to the Capitol.

Whether it be to get away from the Jan. 6 blame game or to take another step up, Murray sure is seizing the moment and it’s something we should all strive to do.