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Watch: Who Cut the Onions? This Famous Musician Left in a Puddle of Tears After Being Surprised

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Tears of joy were shared with politics at an event where the Bidens said they hoped to be present for the American people called “A Night When Trust and History Rhyme.”

The night concluded with the president astonishing John with the Public Humanities Medal, to which the vocalist gushed with tears, however that felt like a capstone to the bigger message of commending the 30th anniversary of the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the bipartisan solidarity expected to stop the infection by 2030 — as John and the Unified Nations have said is the endgame.

As Biden carefully walked to not stumble and awarded the medal to Elton, he said “I don’t know what to say. What a dump!” said John, snickering, in a shining dark coat as he looked through red-colored glasses at the floodlit segments of the South Portico overshadowing him, playing under a glass-framed tent, while individuals from the Marine Corps band spread out along the moves toward the Truman Balcony in red dress regalia. “I’ve played in some places before that have been beautiful, but this is probably the icing on the cake.”

The last time John played at the White House was at a 1998 state supper during the Clinton organization honoring Prime Minister Tony Blair. According to the little bit of footage that was able to be shot, John showed up excited as he played underneath a glass-framed tent, with the crowd encompassing all sides of his stage. He played through a few biggest hits including “Your Song,” “Rocket Man,” “Crocodile Rock” and “I’m Still Standing.”

Teachers, first responders, and gay activists made up the majority of the group and had all been permitted to bring one extra guest. They were the ones John said thanks to first, a long time before he recognized the Bidens: “They’re the heroes to me.” Multiple visitors included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his significant other, Chasten, and Attorney General Merrick Festoon — also entertainer Anna Kendrick and John’s close companion Billie Jean King.

However, engaging as the story may be of Dim Brandon sub-tweeting his predecessor by honoring his #1 musician, this was not an occasion incited by John as a type of high-level trolling. The discussion had begun with an invitation to a “History Talks” conference on Saturday at Constitution Corridor, highlighting the likes of Serena Williams and previous presidents George W. Bramble and Bill Clinton, supported by the History Channel and A&E, which likewise sponsored the show. Yet, that set date was additionally the day of John’s show in the Locale at Nationals Park, “so it evolved into the opportunity to perform the night before on the South Lawn of the White House. And, you know, what a spectacularly beautiful setting,” David Furnish, John’s better half, and manager, said on Sunday.

“Elton loved the idea and the whole evening was pitched to us as a nonpartisan event even though President Biden is in the White House,” Furnish said.

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In addition to the presidents listed, John also had a friendly relationship with Trump. He played at the previous president’s third wedding, and Trump had even circumvented telling individuals he’d secured John for the inauguration. Despite John asking him not to, Trump habitually utilized “Tiny Dancer” at his meetings. He likewise gave the nickname Rocket Man to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

However, the moment Biden stumbled on stage to give John the National Humanities Medal was a complete out-of-the-blue surprise not just to John, yet in addition to Furnish, who as his manager typically knows it all. John had said he was totally “flabbergasted,” and burst out with crocodile tears during his citation.

“Elton had absolutely no idea he was getting the medal. It’s very rare to see Elton rendered speechless on anything, and when that came out, he was completely gobsmacked,” said Furnish. “And just everyone felt the love.”