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Wendy’s Customer Gets Wrong Order, Returns Hot Lead

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Seriously, what is wrong with people these days?

Everywhere you look, people are fighting, Karens are threatening to “press charges” (my favorite), triggered libs are screaming at people and shots are getting popped at an alarming rate.

What’s more concerning is no one seems willing to do anything about it! Law enforcement, especially in blue cities is undermanned, overwhelmed, and the Soros backed prosecutors “catch and release” like criminals are bluegill.

Since no end appears to be in sight, what to do? Obviously, one must keep their head on a swivel to avoid losing it altogether. When out in public, put the phone away and be aware of your surroundings. Watch people and be prepared in case anything goes sideways.

Oh, and stay out of the Wendy’s drive thru. Yep, doesn’t matter how hard you are jonesing for those spicy nuggets, and they are delicious, probably should just go in and get them. Just make sure to know where the exit is and get it to go!

Check out the latest gunplay from Outkick:

Expect the unexpected in almost any situation these days. That includes when a customer receives the wrong order at a Wendy’s drive-thru. It can end with gunfire.

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Wendy’s employees in Frisco, Texas had front row seats to such a situation last week. According to police, an unhappy customer entered the fast-food restaurant after receiving the wrong order at the drive-thru. An argument took place before the man left the store to retrieve a gun.

You would expect this type of behavior in South Philly, but Texas? What the heck?

Also, I have to wonder why arguments are ensuing in fast food joints so often lately. I worked a number of years in the service industry. Just let me emphasize, the customer is always right, especially if they have a gat tucked into their waistband.

The man grabbed the pistol from his vehicle and opened fire at the front of the Wendy’s before driving away. Nobody was hit by the gunfire and police report that the damage to the building was limited.

A couple days after the shooting, 19-year-old Christian Ellis was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

What was our boy Christian thinking? What was the possible end game here. He had to know he would get caught. Most everyone pays with a card these days, leaving a sweet paper trail of their whereabouts.

Plus, eyewitnesses certainly would be able to finger him as the shooter, considering he was standing in the parking lot shooting! Not very smart Christian.

Two others — 19-year-old Tyran McLeod and 33-year-old Shaquita Glaspie — believed to be in the vehicle at the time of the Wendy’s shooting were also arrested. They were charged with failure to report a felony.

So, we have a car full of hungry knuckleheads getting the wrong Wendy’s order and popping shots at the building. Geniuses at work for sure.

For the record, if any of my friends ever pulled a stunt like this, there definitely would be a felony reported. After I took Jeff’s pistol though.

No word yet on if any of the defendants will plead not guilty due to “hangry-ness”.