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WATCH: You Won’t Believe What Happened to This Officer After Breaking Up a Bar Fight

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With all the defund the police bull going around and people thinking or saying that all police are bad. Here’s a story for you, and once you’ve digested it, remind us why all police are bad.

An off-the-clock officer has been forever incapacitated from the waist down from being shot “dead center in the back”.

You might already be thinking well that’s what he deserves, or he had to have been doing something to be shot at as a result. Well, you’d be right, but not in the way you’re thinking. While off duty he was simply trying to help keep the peace and break up a bar fight before things got too ugly.

Officer Daniel Golden, an Army veteran and hailing from a family where most are in the police force or in the fire department, was hit when no less than 19 shots were discharged as he left the bar fight he’d helped end early Saturday.

The officer had not been engaged in the original brawl, but surprisingly, he safeguarded the man who was blamed for reaching for a firearm and shooting at him.

So, to recap just how awful ‘all’ cops are, we’ve got a man with a family – off duty – helping to stop a bar fight. 19 shots were fired, if he’d not been there that could have ended up in multiple deaths, and instead of talking about a hero officer, we’d be talking about more gun-grabbing laws.

Eileen Gorman set up a fundraiser for the now paralyzed officer saying, “This devastating, life-altering event has forever changed the course of his life.” The fundraiser has since raised more than $775,000 in just one day.

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She added “he did what all good cops would do and tried to break up a fight. The event was over when one of the offenders ran to his car, pulled a gun out, and fired 20 rounds at the group as they walked away.” 

Golden’s fiancée, Casey Szaflarski, said that she knew her boyfriend saved lives and she sees and hears what goes on in the line of police duty. She said that all within the year that one of his colleagues was shot down and another – not her fiancée – was paralyzed.

“If he wasn’t there, who knows what would have happened,” she said.

Police affirmed Tuesday that the three men had been captured, including the shooter who was Bryant Hayes, 22, and has been served with a huge number of penalties, including attempted murder.

Justin Krismantis, also 22, supposedly gave the firearm to Hayes and has been served with similar penalties.

The last thug they captured was Demetrius Harrell, 28, who is accused of taking the firearm from Hayes and discharging it pointed at the group and Golden.

The good news is that each of them was denied bail, and if you look at their mug shots, they look just like the kind of punks that would want to defund the police or say all police are bad. We send our best wishes and prayers out to Golden and all the good officers out there who are keeping their oath in and out of uniform. May God bless you all and let this be a testament to prove that not all cops are bad.