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Watch: Windy City Gone Wild! Criminal in Ankle Monitor Helps Himself to Happy Hour!

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It’s a shame what our larger, Democrat run cities are turning into. I used to love visiting Chicago, Los Angeles; even San Francisco was ok. Just ok, kind of dirty and way too cold, but I digress.

Since 2020 however, any time I have been to Chicago in particular (I have family there), it seems to be going downhill fast.

Rampant crime, gunshots at night, trash on the street even in the good areas, sketchy people everywhere, drug use on the street right out in the open. It’s basically a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Nice job Lori Lightfoot!

Don’t worry about Lori though, since her legendary efforts to defund the police, resulting in a marked shortage of them in Chicago, she still has her private detail outside her Logan Square home.

Crime is running wild, as are the criminals. But why not? They know all that will happen if they are caught is a slap on the wrist, or an ankle monitor. Speaking of ankle monitors, that didn’t stop one brazen Chicago criminal from waltzing into Target and helping himself to happy hour. Let’s check with Outkick for the video and insane details:

A man managed to rob a Target in Chicago without having to put in any effort.

In a viral video of the incident circulating social media, a man wearing an ankle monitor threw some booze into a bag and proceeded to just leave without anyone doing anything.

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You will be stunned by how effortlessly he managed to rob the store.

Wow! He must be having company over! That’s a lot of booze. Good thing he is wearing his Covid mask though. At least he is staying safe! Of course, judging by the video, he is in more danger from Covid than the poor security guard that does nothing but watch. Maybe the guard should have asked to help him carry his big sack-o-booze to the car? Such poor customer service. Do better Target!

The ankle monitor makes the video almost too good to be real. The man is in the process of robbing a store and he has an ankle monitor strapped to him!

Folks, that means we’re dealing with a man who the authorities are already very aware of and is in the system.

Yet, that didn’t even slow him down! He grabbed stuff and left like he owned the place.

I have actually been in the Wicker Park Target when I have been to Chicago. I thought the customers were the only ones being robbed based on the high prices. Thanks Brandon!

Certainly, it’s good that no violence ensued, and no guns, knives, etc. were used. No one wants innocent people harmed. However, Wicker Park is generally considered a “good” area! If brazen criminality is taking place there, how is the Southside? That’s rhetorical of course, as the South Side is a literal war zone.

Did anyone notice how this sly criminal pulled his sock up over his ankle monitor? Such a master of disguise!

Considering he is monitored, I’m sure the police have already picked him up. Nah, they are too overburdened with shootings, stabbings and car jackings to worry about a small theft at Target.

It’s a sad state of affairs folks. Worst part is, until Lefties like Lightfoot are swept out of town and replaced with government that actually CARES about public safety, probably best to avoid visits to our larger cities like Chicago.