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Watch: Texas Pop-Pop Thrashes Armed Attacker, Saves Woman in Heroic Video

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There used to be a show on network television called “What Would You Do?”. Actually, it might still be on, but I abandoned network television years ago. At any rate, it was/is a hidden camera show that put unsuspecting people in unexpected situations to see how they react. Generally, stuff like parents being verbally abusive to teenagers, or someone being fake homophobic in a restaurant. They hire actors, set up the scenario, and film people’s reaction, or lack of. Pretty interesting stuff to be honest.

I often wonder how I would react in certain situations. Watching that show, I always have an idea of what I think I would do, but in the moment, who knows? I tend to mind my own business, as most people should. None of these fake scenarios involve violence or criminal activity though. That would be a totally different scenario. I think I would jump right in. Maybe. There’s no “maybe” however for 73-year-old Simon Mancilla Sr. The Texas grandfather of 11 saw something going down, and he took action. Check this out from The Blaze:

On September 7 around 12:30 p.m., a woman was accosted by an armed robber as she made her way to her vehicle outside a Houston check-cashing business.

The suspect had followed and pointed his gun at the victim, demanding that she hand over her keys. He proceeded to choke her.

It should be noted that despite being a red state, Houston is under Democratic leadership and has become increasingly violent and dangerous. Sadly, carjackings are up 20 percent since 2019. Not a good time to live in Houston. However, thanks to bad ass grandpa Mancilla, this robber wasn’t just going to get away without a fight.

(Mancilla) rolled¬†up in his truck and said, “Hey man … don’t make a problem.”

The would-be robber decided NOT to follow good advice from a grandfatherly figure and turned his attention to Mancilla. Big mistake.

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The bandit yanked the grandfather out of his truck and climbed inside. While the suspect prepared his getaway, Mancilla threw wide the door and began pulling him out of the vehicle.

Mancilla proceeded to throw haymakers at the stunned robber while attempting to pull him out of his truck. The robber pistol whipped Mancilla, and despite blood in his eyes, grandpa still continued raining punches down on the crook until he was able to push him off and flee in Mancilla’s truck, despite two other bystanders joining in.

Although he would lose the fight and his truck with it, Mancilla won the battle. The woman was safe.

“I don’t have any choice,” said Mancilla, concerning his sense of obligation to intervene.

What would YOU do? Who among us would bring the heat against an armed robber?  The gunman could have just as easily shot Mancilla and killed him. A tragic situation was avoided, but more often than not that would end worse than it did.

When will our larger, Dem cities start getting cleaned up? Citizens like Simon Mancilla Sr shouldn’t be put in situations like that. Thankfully our bad ass grandad is ok and the lady under attack was saved. I guess we all know now what Simon Mancilla Sr would do. He would kick your butt.