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Watch: Stupid Crook Finds Himself on Business End of Store Owner’s Gun

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Criminals aren’t particularly smart, but I suppose if they were they would have careers, right? Crime is spiking all over the country, especially in liberal controlled cities, but sadly no business is safe these days. So, if you own a business what to do? You could install high tech surveillance equipment so any criminals can be identified and easily caught, but what good is that? Many of our larger lib cities are just releasing crooks right back into the streets. You could beef up security and hire a private firm to patrol your business, but we have seen enough video of robberies and assaults with private security on the premises that we know that’s not particularly effective either.

Recently a shotgun toting crook in Pensacola, Florida walked into the wrong convenience store and found himself on the business end of the store clerk’s gun.

Video shows the man holding a shotgun on the right side of his body after entering the store in the 4000 block of North Pace Boulevard on Sept. 9, the Escambia County sheriff’s office said.

Authorities said the armed man didn’t notice anyone behind the counter. The reason? The store clerk saw the man arm himself outside, after which the clerk went to a back room and grabbed his gun, the sheriff’s office said.

Ok, I’ve never done an armed robbery, mostly because I’m no criminal, but it would seem to me that best practice would be to conceal the weapon you are going to do the robbery with. But as I stated earlier, criminals aren’t particularly smart. Neither is this guy.

The clerk isn’t visible on the surveillance video, but he’s heard telling the shotgun-wielding visitor to “put it back.”

The crook replies, “I don’t mean no harm. I’m just not from around here.”

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“What you got in your hand, bro?” the clerk asks.

“I got a big-ass, motherf***ing gun, but I’m not from around here is what I’m sayin’,” the crook answers. “I’m from Chicago, bro.” He then implies he’s carrying the shotgun for protection.

I suppose you have to come up with something as an excuse when you walk into a store with a shotgun and living in Chicago these days would certainly merit a shotgun for protection, but it’s Pensacola, not Chicago.

Maybe the crook should’ve played dumb, like he forgot he was carrying the shotgun and just really wanted a roller dog and a slushie. Either way, the store clerk was having none of it.

The sheriff’s office said 32-year-old Rakim Stephen Tate was arrested Sept. 15 in Santa Rosa County and charged with openly carrying a prohibited weapon and attempted robbery with a firearm. Authorities added that the Benelli shotgun used in the robbery attempt was recovered.

“You’re not in Chicago anymore,” the sheriff’s office taunted at the conclusion of its post. “You’re under arrest.”

You have to love law enforcement in Florida. Not only will they lock you up, but they will also troll you on social media as well. Might as well have fun with it, right?

Ironically or not, the crook wasn’t even from Chicago, he was from Pensacola. He just knew Chicago was dangerous enough to merit a walking shotgun.

Lesson learned folks. Don’t rob, don’t carry a shotgun into a convenience store in Florida, and if you do, be prepared to be roasted on social media.