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WATCH: Multiple Vehicles Fatally Slam Into a Crowd in Nebraska

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We’ve all been a pedestrian in our lives at one point or another. It could be when we were young, and the world was different, and we’d walk to and from places, ride our bikes, to walking to the corner store, or even enjoy life at the park.

Over time, most of us were taught or learned that we need to be aware of our surroundings at all times. However, sometimes that’s not enough for us to entirely stay out of harm’s way. According to the United States Department of Transportation, injuries and fatalities remain high. In 2019 over 6,000 pedestrians were killed, and around 76,000 were injured nationwide. But that’s not all; there’s also an upward trend in those statistics every year.

With those numbers going up, it’s no surprise that we get a news report like this one, even if it is catastrophic.

Authorities in Lincoln, Nebraska, answered a mass casualty episode Sunday night where at least two individuals have passed away. Numerous others are believed to be injured after vehicles, one after another, slammed and rolled into a crowd of people.

Two females were pronounced lost at the fatal scene, both of which were thought to be tenants of the vehicles, and 19 others at the time of writing this article have been admitted to the hospital, the Lincoln Police Department noted.

“One is in basic condition. The other 18 individuals are accepted to be in non-perilous condition right now,” the police said.

Nowadays, you need to be even more careful than we were initially taught. Even though you might not have time to react to something like this, it’s something to think about when you’re walking about. There’s no need to be fearful when you’re living your life; just stay on high alert and be extra aware.

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Recordings posted around the web shows an enormous fire born from the destruction close to the intersection of South 52nd Street and O Street, outside the Barnes and Noble’s Bookstore, while individuals, a few dazed and staggering, were trying to escape the area. Unfortunately, the contents of the recordings have not been independently confirmed.

The Lincoln Fire and Rescue authorities were allegedly on the scene, helping clear out the fire and assisting casualties. The first reports show the episode occurred after a vehicle reportedly ran a red light, struck another car, and the two vehicles then hit the crowd.

The occurrence seems close to the Americruis event, hosted by the Midwest Association of Car Enthusiasts (MACE).

“Every Memorial Day Weekend, hundreds of cars, bikes, and trucks flock to Lincoln, NE to cruise down O Street to show off their rides and do some hooning!” a description read.

A few casualties have been treated on the scene while others drove themselves to the hospital.

“We want to remind everyone the police won’t be a stranger to this event so PLEASE cruise at your own risk and be cautious to those around you! There will be large crowds all along O street, and we don’t need anyone in a wreck or worse in the hospital!” the description continued.

Lincoln police ask individuals to stay away from the area while they try to assist the situation. Hopefully, they don’t begin to talk about common-sense car laws since these vehicles killed these people and injured others. We hope and pray that the victims are okay and the fatalities are kept to a minimum.