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WATCH: Move Over WNBA, Granny Basketball Is in the House!

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With all of the attention surrounding Brittney Griner coming back to her hated home country from a Russian clink, the WNBA is getting some attention, and perhaps some new, soon to be bored-to-tears eyeballs. Stop! I understand the temptation to watch manly, tattooed women run really slow and shoot set shots might be overwhelming, but there are alternatives in the sports world that will make you laugh, thrill you, and perhaps inspire us all in a way a bunch of whiney semi-pro basketball players never could. I’m talking of course about Granny Basketball.

Count me among those who didn’t know this was a thing, but trust me, it is and it’s amazing! I’ve never been an NBA fan, and certainly not a WNBA fan. Even college basketball has lost its luster. I no longer have kids in high school, so it would just look weird to go to high school games, so Granny Basketball fills a niche that has long gone unfilled. Check this out.

How did this come about? Well, the 5-4 Wichita State Shockers welcomed the 1-9 Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils to Kansas.

It wasn’t a sexy matchup on paper and the Shockers were 27-point favorites coming into the contest. It played out mostly how it was supposed to with Wichita State jumping out to an 18-point lead at halftime.

But halftime is when the real action cranked up and the matchup really got sexy.

Because that’s when the Aerobells and Sugar & Spice took the court.

Talk about a shocker! The real shockers took the court at halftime. I have seen some odd, exciting halftime shows in my day, donkey basketball (players ride donkeys. Yes, I’m a hillbilly), half-court shot contests, and even monkeys riding dogs, herding sheep. That’s a real thing, I swear. But my eyes had yet to witness Granny Basketball until a reporter who covers the Wichita State basketball team for, Taylor Eldridge, captured some of the highlights of the incredible matchup and posted them on Twitter. Let’s just say they are nothing short of inspirational.

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Granny Basketball is an actual nationwide phenomenon. Check this out from their website.

“As empowered women of the 21st Century, we seek to promote a spirit of camaraderie, a model of sportsmanship and friendly competition. In doing so, we honor those women who came before us and set an example for those who will follow,” reads the Granny Basketball mission statement.

And, according to the website, they are growing.

“In 2022, there are more than 450 players on 41 teams in 10 states:  Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and California.”

All of this is done for charity, making it even better. Certainly, corporate sponsorship will follow. Where are the ads for Boniva? Osteoporosis be damned, these classy ladies are balling! All of the players, scorekeepers, referees, and players are grannies over 50 and they all play for free with gate receipts going to various charities. It looks like a great time, and with so much wokeness and nonsense in the sports world, if given the chance I am giving Granny Basketball a shot!

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