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‘Watch’: Is This the Next Big Gadget? TikTok Seems To Think So

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

When it comes to the tech world there are a lot of impressive things always being released to the public. Cool gadgets come and go, and almost as soon as the new tech arrives it’s already being replaced with something even newer and better.

Sometimes people like to shop at flea markets or places online like Wish to get some unique-looking tools or tech. You might be surprised by what you find, and you might end up buying a wrench made out of tin foil. Some might argue that if it is not American made, they don’t want it. However, these young TikTokers think they may have found the next best gadget.

The creator of these watches that have caught the attention of teens on the internet is Kevin Bertolero. He says that we get caught up in time too often, so he wanted to create something that went against the grain and wouldn’t tell the time. Here’s what he had to say.

“How many times do you look at a clock, or look at the time, and are happy?” Bertolero said. “When was the last time you were like, ‘Oh, sick, it’s 10:30. Awesome.'”

His reasoning is sound, and the watches are cool if you were like maybe five years old, but I remember back in the day if you wore something like this, it wouldn’t take long before people started giving you a hard time. However, today’s teens seem to love it.

That was one of the reasons that this 30-year-old inventor has been making these types of watches that don’t say what time it is at all. They’re intended to be worn like any traditional watch, without the clock face, and when you look down at your wrist to see the time you won’t be met with stress or worry about the time. You’d freely drift away in a timeless world without a sense of time. Instead, you’ll be met with some cute tiny duckies swimming in a 3-D printed pool. Sounds like a toy perfect for tiny tots, but the audience that is shocked and awed by this happens to be teens who are on TikTok.

It seems like these young teens will eat up anything except the real world nowadays. Bertolero’s idea and watches spread like wildfire once teens on TikTok caught wind of it. Soon, they started reaching out to him giving him more ideas on how to make the toy watches even better.

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Bertolero said he has sold north of 300 watches that don’t even tell the time and is on track to sell well over 1,000 before the year is over. They’re accessible on Etsy and his website,

“I created these watches because they made my inner child happy,” Bertolero said. He believes his watches stimulate the same response in a ton of individuals.

Today’s generation is certainly something else. We’ve got teens marching in troves to disrupt movies dressed up as minions, teens committing heinous crimes or showing themselves doing dances that their parents wouldn’t be proud of, and now toys for tiny tots being passed around for teens such as baby binkies. Times sure are strange, but to each, their own I suppose, and I don’t knock Bertolero for his idea. It’s raking in the cash for him and is even getting acknowledged by toy companies so good on him.