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Watch: Have You Heard? Viral Video of Snake in Womans Ear Is Burning Down the Internet

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Sherrif Woody once famously complained of a snake in his boots. Sam Jackson had an issue with some snakes on a plane. Indiana Jones hated snakes. Ice Cube wrangled with an anaconda. I can’t lie, I hate snakes. I don’t watch movies that prominently feature them, I won’t go in the reptile house at the zoo, and if I see a snake in nature I’m out. I don’t care if most are beneficial to the environment, they freak me out.

This probably stems from the fact that I grew up on a farm and had numerous run ins. Ever step on a six-foot black snake? That will leave an impression. Even in the city I will still encounter the occasional garter snake. I let them live, but only because I don’t own a hoe.

We are fortunate as American’s that our most dangerous snakes usually live in places where you can reasonably expect to see a dangerous snake. The mountains of West Virginia for example, or the Florida swamps. Unlike India where you can get bitten by a cobra on your walk home from work. Not an exaggeration, or a criticism to say India is a wild, dangerous place. Trampled by an elephant on Tuesday, bitten by a cobra on Thursday, attacked by monkeys on the weekend, India is wild. Never mind the fact that you can lay down for bed and wake up with a snake taking a nap in your ear. Wait, what? Yep, you read that right. Check out this nightmare inducing story from the New York Post:

Shocking footage captured the alleged moment that a “surgeon” tried to remove a live snake that infiltrated a woman’s ear. 

In the nearly four-minute clip, an alleged medical practitioner can be seen using tweezers in a desperate attempt to extract a black and yellow serpent that’s peeking its head out from a female patient’s ear.

Had any nightmares lately? We all probably will tonight. How did a snake get in a woman’s ear and get itself turned around? Also, why is the “surgeon” just using tweezers? Is this cutting-edge medical technology in India? I’m going to need a sedative and to be strapped down for that procedure. Actually, if I even suspect there is a chance a snake might crawl into my ear, I’m going to bed with a hat on, or not going to bed at all.

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Unfortunately, despite the Swiss Army-knife’s worth of tools from forceps to Q-tips, he fails to wrestle the reptile from its unorthodox berth.

The now-viral clip ends without revealing whether or not the sssssurgery was successful, leaving viewers shocked and appalled.

What was the purpose of the Q-tip? it clearly says on the box not to insert in the ear canal, though if a snake had a warning label it would probably say the same thing.

Thankfully it’s just a small green snake and not a cobra. I don’t think the doctor had a live mongoose in his medical kit.

There is much speculation that the video is fake, and perhaps it is. That doesn’t mean critters don’t find their way into places they shouldn’t, like your ear hole, but a live snake. Really?

That doesn’t mean I am any less grossed out. If the video proves to be real, I’m going to need a follow up. Just not anytime soon.