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Watch: Dumb Teens Take Cops on High-Speed Chase, Hilarity Ensues

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Kids aren’t known for their decision-making skills, especially teens. One just need look at the news and see how many kids are suddenly non-binary or something equally make believe. The ones that aren’t playing pretend are playing “Dukes of Hazard”, minus the comedy and the General Lee. Instead of the famous Dodge Charger, two knucklehead kids settled for a Kia SUV for their ill-fated joyride.

Two juveniles were taken into custody after a high-speed chase with police in Minneapolis on Friday morning. The chase ended when the vehicle the juveniles were driving crashed through a bridge guardrail and landed just a few feet away from Interstate 94.

According to the Minneapolis Police Department, the chase began when officers attempted to stop the vehicle for a traffic violation. The juveniles refused to pull over and instead led police on a high-speed pursuit, during which they were observed driving recklessly and running red lights.

The chase came to a dramatic end when the vehicle crashed through the bridge guardrail and landed in a dangerous position close to the interstate. The juveniles sustained minor injuries and were taken into custody by the police, but only after somehow exiting the disabled vehicle and high-tailing it on foot. Check this out.

A Minnesota state trooper spotted a Kia speeding northbound on I-94 near Broadway just before 7 a.m., State Patrol spokesman Lt. Gordon Shank told KARE.

The trooper tried to make a traffic stop as the vehicle exited on Dowling, but the station said the driver refused to pull over and instead fled at speeds that reached 94 miles per hour.

The fleeing driver got back on I-94 and then exited on 49th Avenue, Shank told KARE.

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That was the end of the road for the teens’ apparent escape plan.

Video shows the SUV crashing through a guardrail, plunging from a bridge, and landing on its roof in an area just off the interstate.

Where were these kids going at 7 AM? Certainly wasn’t work or school, the two places juveniles should be at that time of day. Instead they were straightening the curves, and flattening the hills in a used Kia. Not a terrible ride, if you are taking the kids to soccer practice. Probably the least cool vehicle to boost if you plan on gaining street cred.

After the SUV landed on its roof, the mangled vehicle rolled right-side up — and both teens miraculously got out and ran for it: One suspect opened the driver’s side door while the other suspect pushed through the shattered windshield.

And the chase is on! Because perps routinely are able to run from the police and their police friends with police radios, the juveniles decided driving a Kia off a bridge wasn’t enough, so they high-tailed it. Never mind, running NEVER works. The kids were grabbed up shortly after beating it and taken to jail. Presumable the police didn’t let them drive there.

KARE said the pair ran into a nearby neighborhood, but law enforcement found and arrested them. The following clip apparently shows them tempting fate yet again, running across the interstate and high-tailing it along the center island as more cars whiz past them.

Considering these kids drove a Kia off of a bridge and ran across a busy interstate “Frogger” style without getting hit, perhaps they should take a moment to be thankful and understand for whatever reason God wants them on this Earth a little longer. Or maybe next time, don’t steal a Kia. Either way.

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