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Watch: Curious Bear Gives North Carolina Homeowner the Scare of His Life

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There are lots of critters in the wild that will mess you up if you stumble across them. Rattlesnakes, alligators, panthers, bears. Speaking of bears, much of the south and west is littered with the huge, cuddly looking creatures and not all of them fight fires or wear fedoras looking for picnic baskets.

Recently a homeowner in North Carolina had the pants scared off of him while chilling at the end of a long work day. How? He had a giant visitor on his patio presumably looking for a treat or a smackeral of honey. Check this out.

A man trying to do a little relaxing in North Carolina found himself face-to-face with a massive bear.

David Oppenheimer posted a video of himself “chillaxing at the end of the day,” but things took a very unexpected turn.

A massive black bear walked right onto his patio and the two locked eyes in a showdown for the ages.

Wildlife is getting mighty brave. It is understandable when people are in the woods that you might encounter a dangerous creature. However, when they start coming into our houses, the game changes. So, what do you do when Smokey takes the day off from fighting fires and doing PSA’s so he can hang out with you on your lanais? Apparently scream a little and stare him down.

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While some people might think bears are just cuddly animals strolling around the woods – they’re definitely not – the massive animals can be very aggressive from time to time.

The last thing you want to do is find yourself face-to-face with a black bear that weighs 500 pounds. David Oppenheimer was probably just waiting to grab a beer and close his eyes for a little bit.

Instead, he damn near got to find out about the afterlife. Seriously, take a quick glance at the look on his face. That’s a man who might need to change his pants.

While this encounter ended peacefully, the homeowner would have been no match for a 500 pound bear. Bears can outrun humans, out climb humans, and when compared to liberals, are smarter and more resourceful than humans. Luckily in this case Yogi was just as surprised to see his bipedal counterpart as our relaxing homeowner was to see the bear.

In a comedic moment that seems staged, the man and the bear both give startled reactions, eyeball each other briefly, then go about their day. David Oppenheimer would have had little to no chance against Pooh if the critter had decided to go for it and taste some man-meat.

Perhaps an enclosed porch would be a good investment moving forward. Or some bear spray, or perhaps a gun. Better be a big gun though, as anything less than a high powered long gun will just piss Boo Boo off. If that happens, the results will be un-bearable.