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Watch: Country Superstar Morgan Wallen Proves He’s One of the Good Guys

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Man, I love a feel-good story. We just don’t have enough of them! Rest assured, there are still good people, doing amazing things to help other people.

I coached over a dozen years of little league baseball. From age 7 all the way up to age 16. It was a passion of mine. Bear in mind, baseball, especially traveling teams can be very expensive. The parents and community don’t always have the means to pay for everything.

Fundraising is huge in youth sports. Candy bars, wrapping paper, discount cards, anything to defray the cost associated with equipment, lodging, travel and entry fees is vital.

Recently, a youth team from Humphrys County, Tennessee won their state championship and secured a bid to the leagues World Series in South Carolina.

What happened next absolutely restores your faith in humanity.  Let’s check with Outkick for the details:

The Humphreys County Dixie League Team from Tennessee recently won their state championship, clinching a berth in the league’s World Series in South Carolina.

Normally, youth league teams have to go through fundraising efforts to ensure they can afford the trip to wherever the site happens to be.

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This time though, the Humphreys County team received some welcome news from a generous benefactor.

Country music star Morgan Wallen heard about the team’s success and jumped up to help. According to the new report, not only is Wallen paying for their travel expenses, but he’s also going further and providing more financial help:

“The “You Proof” singer, a former baseball player himself, is covering the cost of new uniforms, travel, food, and more for the team”

Absolutely amazing! What an incredibly generous offer from the young country superstar.

You may recall that recently Wallen was the target of the left, as they attempted to cancel the budding young superstar for using a certain word, aimed at his friends. Nothing insidious, just a bad choice amongst friends. We have all been there, right?

Subsequently, his label dropped him, and country radio froze him out until country fans said ‘ENOUGH” and sales of his record took him to number one on the charts.

Money talks folks, and soon Wallen was the toast of Nashville once again.

“Morgan covered their room and board, their experiences, you know, souvenirs. They’re not going to want for anything,” assistant Coach Steven Wilson told Music Mayhem. ‘I can’t explain how much it actually helped these kids after what they’ve been through.’”

The gesture is even more impactful since the team comes from the region that was heavily impacted by huge flooding that’s displaced them from schools and their normal routines.

It’s hard to imagine the financial strain a natural disaster can put on a community, but Wallen stepping in and putting up the necessary funding and then some is a huge help.

For his part, Wallen explained he’s a huge baseball fan and wanted to show his support for their story:

“So, your story is just inspiring, it’s inspired me, it’s made me proud especially since you’re from the same area as me,” Wallen continued. ‘I really am proud of y’all. I also played baseball for a really long time in my life, it’s my favorite sport and teamwork is everything. My team nowadays is my band and crew and from my team to yours we want to send y’all to South Carolina and we also want to wish y’all the best. Hope y’all have a great time and we hope you win and we’ll be cheering y’all on from right here in Tennessee. Good luck!’”

Folks, this is a good dude. Wallen didn’t have to put up his own money. Just a motivational message by itself would be a moment these kids and parents would never forget, but to relieve these folks from their financial burden involved with travel, uniforms, meals and the like is invaluable.

Kudos to Wallen for setting a good example for these kids. It’s an old cliche, not all heroes wear capes; sometimes they have mullets and strum guitars. Good luck to the Humphreys County Dixie League Team!