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Watch: Canada Gone Wild! Karen Harasses Female Jogger for Two Main Reasons

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What in the name of Dudley Do-Right is going on in the Great White North? We sometimes assume that our own country is the only one that has to deal with many of today’s modern problems. Racism, climate issues, energy issues, high prices at the pump and in the grocery; things are tough all over!

So, how do we cope? How do we destress and exercise self-care? Self-care is very important when times are tough economically and socially, and boy aren’t both tough in 2022? Even in Canada. Now, when I think of Canada I think of mounted police, and moose, for whatever reason I assume moose are like deer here, just into everything. I also think of Justin Trudeau, but we aren’t trying to get stressed, rather destress.

I’ve only been north of the border a time or two, and the country appeared to be about a decade behind America. I went in 2012 and there were still video stores everywhere. Wild! Now a decade later, Canada is plagued by another affliction that was previously an American construct. Karens! Can’t we have anything to ourselves? Check this out from Outkick:

A video of a woman attacking a jogger for not wearing a bra as she jogged has racked up over two million views on social media in just a couple of days. It also led to assault charges being filed.

A woman in Ottawa, Ontario pulled out her phone and jumped on Instagram Live to document a bizarre encounter she had with an upset woman. She says she was attacked by the woman for jogging without a bra on.

Is nothing sacred? Are there no freedoms left? Well, it IS Canada, and Canada isn’t a free country, but come on! This poor woman just wanted to get some exercise and participate in some self-care. Why attack her just because she wanted to feel the wind blow through her…hair?

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That is an oddly specific complaint, even by “Karen” standards. However, considering Ontario is one of the French leaning provinces, perhaps that explains this Karen’s bizarre complaints. Though the French are a historically liberal, randy people, so a jogger trying to be more aerodynamic shouldn’t be a shocker.

The video captures the insane scene. An upset woman appears to strike the jogger several times in an attempt to get her to stop recording. The attempts were unsuccessful.

The jogger eventually makes it to her car and gets in, but is unable to drive away. The crazed woman blocked the jogger’s car with her bike. She then jumped on the hood preventing the jogger from leaving.

This is where the story gets weird. The offending party (Karen) physically assaulted the jogger and jumped on the hood of her car like The Terminator to prevent her from leaving. If Karen were offended by the scenery, why not just let the jogger get in her car and bounce?

Considering how dangerous it can be to be female and jog, the pissed off Karen is lucky she didn’t get a face full of moose spray. I assume moose spray is a thing in Canada. And what’s up with Canada? I assumed it was already winter there so jogging braless wouldn’t be my go-to for exercise, but if one chooses, one should be free to exercise, unencumbered by the restraints of a puritanical society. And a bra.

In the end, the police (Mounties?) were called, Karen got detained and our jogger filed a complaint. Just further proof that America isn’t the only place a little weird these days.