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Watch As This Protest Continues for the Fifth Day With No Signs of Stopping

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If you live here in America, you better enjoy your freedoms – while you still can. Despite our great nation being run by a bunch of circus clowns, we’ve still got it good here. Sure, the people are divided, and mothers are fighting to keep on killing their babies, we might have kicked God out of school, and now our kids are being indoctrinated with things that shouldn’t be taught to them, among many other things – we still have it good here when compared to other places.

For example, we aren’t being locked up and given food that is almost or is expired like in China. We’re not on the receiving end of Putin’s passionate need to revive the Soviet Union, and while we are facing some nasty inflation right now, we’re still not getting hit with hard tax changes like Hungary.

Over in Hungary thousands upon thousands of individuals protested in Budapest on Saturday for the fifth day in a row against Viktor Orbán’s administration as outrage fumed over the recent tax changes that people say will hurt and kill small businesses.

With the protests still going strong and showing no signs of stopping, Hungarians have rioted since the parliament approved the regulation change on Tuesday that is aimed at countless small businesses, entrepreneurs, and single-person businesses. This is the first time any protests have broken out since the current prime minister, Orban, won a continuous fourth term by a massive landslide back in April.

Thousands of people gathered, and all together marched towards midtown Budapest on Saturday reciting “Orban-get-lost.”

I know during the height of the pandemic several businesses went under and will never return. People and businesses were hurt, and many will never recover. However, that was due to the influence of the pandemic that may or may not have been planned. Whatever your stance is on the pandemic, we can all at least say new laws aren’t being pushed on us that would shut many businesses down. You could count inflation and the clown parade as bringing this nation down day by day, or you could count your blessings and realize that you’re even able to read this article right now.

Trying to tend to the riots and speak to the people was Peter Marki-Zay who ran against Orban in April, he didn’t try to send a message of hope and peace, he instead used this moment to take a jab at his rival and say that Orban’s campaign promises had been “proven to be lies”. 

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Of course, staying safe, Orban addressed his people on a broadcast on the radio defending the new law calling it “good and necessary”.

It looks as though they are trying to make it to where those who consume more than normal amounts of energy will have to pay for it at market cost rather than the subsidized state rate among other things. This is where the world might be going next, a global social system where you’re only allowed a certain amount of energy usage.

In any case, we here in America are still blessed to see the freedoms we still have – even if they are under attack all the time. Use this time to make plans, stock up for anything, get in your Word and stay prayed up.