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WATCH: $5 Billion Terayacht Pangeos to be Built in Saudi Arabia

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Can you picture what goes into a $5 billion terayacht? We don’t have to imagine anymore, thanks to Lazzarini’s huge turtle-shaped city on the water. This unique idea of Pangeos breaks the rules, limits, and budgets simultaneously. It breaks the glass ceiling and sets high standards for luxury and innovation. The Italian Design Studio has thought of a whole new way to live in luxury inside the massive ship that could hold a whole city.

The Terayacht Pangeos is 1,800 feet long and has a 2,000-foot beam, so it has a lot of space inside. Ships can get into the floating city through a large portico in the back.

It makes sense to think that some people who live in a great floating city will be yachting fans with boats to show off. The grandeur and innovation of $5 billion Pangeos go hand in hand. The hull comprises 30,000 cells that make up a floating solution for the basement that can’t sink. The boat is powered by nine fully HTS electric engines that keep the speed at 5 knots.


Lazzarini says that 60,000 people can live in resorts, side apartments, and a wide range of modern villas in the huge building. The building is very impressive, with a beach club, a huge rooftop garden, and a mall. A terayacht needs a shipyard that is just as big to support.

The designers have thought of all the important details, and if the idea becomes a reality, it will be launched from a shipyard in Saudi Arabia that is 4,198,000 square feet. Without a specific place to go, Pangeos will always be moving around the world.

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