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Warning! Watch What You Touch! It Might Be Poisoned!

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

It’s a dangerous world out there folks!

We have climate change trying to murder us all, Antifa thugs in every major American city, rampant gun violence in blue cities, you have to keep your head on a swivel people!

We have nuclear threats from foreign powers, BLM riots, cars that drive themselves, alligators, sharks attacking; probably best to not even leave your basement. Just be careful not to get bitten by a brown recluse spider! They live in basements and can be deadly!

Yep, I’m freaking myself out here!

It’s bad enough that half the food we eat is killing us, giving us cancer and heart disease, but you never know what’s on that napkin stuffed in your car door handle when you leave the restaurant.

Weird pivot, but also a weird, if not scary story. Let’s get the details from Breitbart:

A Texas woman suspects she was poisoned by touching a napkin stuffed in her car’s door handle outside a Houston restaurant. Doctors agreed she had been poisoned but were unable to identify the poisonous material.

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Ok, who else is freaked out! What kind of James Bond, secret agent stuff is this? I thought Russia was the only place people were getting poisoned like this!

Where does one acquire poison? Especially a substance toxic enough to disable someone but not be detected in the blood. Sound a lot like the lyrics to a country music song by the Dixie Chicks. Did Earl REALLY have to die?

Erin Mims joined her husband at a Houston-area restaurant to celebrate her birthday last Tuesday afternoon. As she left the restaurant, she noticed someone stuck a napkin in the door handle on the passenger side of her car.

She pulled the napkin out of the door and opened it to get in the car. Once inside she asked her husband if he stuck the napkin in the door — he said no.

Mims decided to go back into the restaurant and wash her hands. A few minutes later, she began to feel a tingling sensation in her arm.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say firstly, why would you touch a napkin someone stuffed in your door handle?? Best case scenario it’s a snot rag, worst case you get poisoned! Actually, snot rag is just about as bad. Covid!

What sort of neurotoxin works so fast that despite her washing her hands almost immediately she started to fall ill? This is pretty scary stuff.

“Maybe five minutes, my whole arm started tingling and feeling numb. I couldn’t breathe, I started getting hot flashes, my chest was hurting, my heart was beating really fast.”

Now granted, I have felt that way after leaving a restaurant before, I just attributed it to the fact grown ass adults shouldn’t be eating fried bologna sandwiches. Pick your poison.

Mim’s husband quickly took her to a hospital where doctors raced to determine what substance had been used to create the numbness and other symptoms her body experienced. Her vital signs jumped all over the place, she explained.

“The doctor came in, and told me it wasn’t enough in my system to determine what it was, but said it was acute poisoning from an unknown substance,” the woman said. He told her he thought it might have been an attempt to kidnap her.

Scary, scary stuff. Luckily Mims survived and has been able to make others aware of what happened to her.

Like I said before folks, head on a swivel out there. Next thing you know, you touch a napkin and wake up dead! No one wants that!