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Vince McMahon Cooks up Some Hushpuppies

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When any conversation comes up about WWE, you might think of Vince McMahon. The two are inseparable, Vince has been around for a long time and has been the promoter, executive, and even the media proprietor. He has served as the chairman and chief executive officer or CEO of WWE.

However, Mr. McMahon is climbing down his seat from way up high due to a handful of sexual misconduct claims.

Trying to keep things from going public, he’s paid upwards of $12 million cooking up some hush puppies to keep four ladies from hounding him throughout the course of recent years with an end goal to hold charges back from opening up to the world.

Each of the four ladies was previously connected with the WWE and consented to nondisclosure arrangements to keep them from examining their associations with the chief, per the outlet.

We’re not talking about some chump change either. You know just as well as I do that someone as high up as Mr. McMahon was going to have to shell out some stacks of green paper. Perhaps the name ‘Daddy Mac’ fits more now than ever since each of the settlements incorporated a $7.5 million payout in 2018 to a previous grappler who claimed that the CEO forced her into performing oral sex on him. McMahon didn’t wind up reestablishing her agreement in 2005 after she declined extra lewd gestures from him, as per the report.

It’s not surprising when things like this come out. I remember back when wrestling was cool and fun, but now it seems to have shifted more towards something you’d watch after hours on Cinemax. There are constant provocative scenes, things that are inappropriate for the younger audience, along with comedic skits that have all taken the forefront of content while wrestling seems to have taken a back seat.

However, that hasn’t stopped WWE and the Pro Wrestling scene to drop in views. It’s still very popular and has millions of viewers tuning into Raw and SmackDown every week. This in combination with merchandise, action figures, belts, and more with Vince McMahon in the center of it all rakes in millions upon millions.

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McMahon is said to have paid a WWE worker for hire $1 million subsequent to sending her spontaneous naked photographs of himself and physically irritating her during her experience with the organization.

A previous supervisor with 10 years of involvement with WWE was likewise paid $1 million after McMahon supposedly endeavored to hold their sexual relationship back from becoming public.

Recently, the WWE board started exploring McMahon after it became apparent that he paid $3 million in cash to keep from being hounded on in regards to keeping an affair with a former employee under wraps. In June, his well-known daughter, Stephanie McMahon accepted the obligations of interim CEO and board administrator as he moved back from the organization.

The Boss‘ said in an official statement delivered via WWE in June saying:

“I have pledged my complete cooperation to the investigation by the Special Committee, and I will do everything possible to support the investigation. I have also pledged to accept the findings and outcome of the investigation, whatever they are. I love this company and am committed to working with the Independent Directors to strengthen our culture and our Company; it is extremely important to me that we have a safe and collaborative workplace. I have committed to doing everything in my power to help the Special Committee complete its work, including marshaling the cooperation of the entire company to assist in the completion of the investigation and to implement its findings.”