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Video Shows Pelosi Almost Taking A Tumble While Speaking At Harry Reid’s Memorial

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi almost got seriously injured while finishing her speech at former Senate Majority leader Harried Reid’s memorial service. Pelosi was concluding her speech and about to put her mask on, when she lost her balance and almost fell to the ground. The 81-year-old lifetime Democrat was able to catch and save herself from a hospital trip.

Watch the moment it happened right here:

You can see in the video that she was so concerned about putting her mask on that she forgot to even pay attention to where she was walking. Several users on Twitter poked fun at the lifetime lawmaker and tweeted out “Pelosi needs to stay off the Vodka“.

Pelosi has been in Congress since 1987 and there have been rumors that Pelosi is set to retire at the end of her term. Staffers that have been with Pelosi for the last decade have already resigned from their position to seek job security. Just last week, Pelosi’s executive director for her re-election campaign resigned from his position.

Breitbart shared more details on the large amount of Pelosi staffers throwing in the towel:

Pelosi “has seen a big exodus from her office the past year as expectations grow that she will leave Congress after this term.”

Aguilar’s exit also pushed the speaker into the 90th percentile for highest House staff turnover, according to LegiStorm data. The data showed that while Pelosi’s office has been “relatively stable over the years,” the number of staffers leaving Pelosi’s office rose dramatically last year.

Pelosi isn’t the only aging politician that has taken a tumble. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton both had their infamous moments of slipping. Within the first month of Biden’s presidency, the 79-year-old president was seen falling down the stairs while trying to walking up them. A video in 2016 shows Hillary Clinton literally being carried by the Secret Service, just a month away from election night. Just in case you forgot, take a look:

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It’s very clear the Democratic party is running on its last wheels, considering they chose someone like Biden to be the Democratic nomination. Democrats will tolerate progressives like Bernie Sanders and AOC, but at the end of the day, lifelong established Democrats have their own agenda, and that agenda doesn’t typically include progressives. On the other hand, social progressives look to replace aging, lifelong Democrat lawmakers such as Pelosi, with lawmakers who have socialist ideologies.

So, while the Republican party has RINOs to deal with, the Democratic party has some problems of their own. Many traditional Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin have been voting against his own party’s interest, due to the fact that Democrats have become more and more radical.

The future looks bright for Republicans in the upcoming midterms, considering a total of 23 Democrat lawmakers are retiring and 13 GOP US lawmakers are not running for re-election. If Republicans can take back Congress and couple that with getting Trump back in the White House, then there should be bright days ahead to look forward to.