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(Video) Queens Murder Solved: Handyman Lover Charged

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It was revealed today that a mom from Queens who was brutally stabbed 58 times and then dumped in a duffel bag was having a two-year on-off affair with a man who is now been charged with her murder.

Orsolya Gaal, 51, was murdered in her basement last Friday while her 13-year-old son, Leo was upstairs. Gaal had reportedly been on an evening out at the Lincoln Cneter in Manhattan with female friends on the night of her murder. She returned to Queens at around 11pm, stopping in a bar for a quick drink before walking home alone.

Cops arrested David Bonola, 44, in the early hours of Thursday morning and he was brought in for questioning. He confessed to murdering the mom of two in her home on April 16 at around 1am. At this stage, it’s not clear if Gaal had let Bonala into the $2 million family home, or if the killer had broken in.

Bonala, who is originally from Mexico, had previously worked as a handyman at Gaal’s home and had been having a two-year long affair with the married mother. Gaal’s husband, Howard Klein and her eldest son Jamie, 17, were out of town on a business trip on the night of her murder.

Because of Bonala’s familiarity with the house, cops say he was aware of where the family kept the house keys and could have let himself in.

According to police, an argument between the pair ensued which led to Bonala stabbing Gaal down in the basement with a large kitchen knife in a vicious and frenzied attack. The mom was stabbed 58 times in her neck, torso and arm.

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“We believe Mr. Bonola arrives between 12.30am and 12.40am. He is a handyman who is employed by Mrs Gaal. They had been having an intimate affair for 2 years”, said Chief of Detectives, James Gessig.

 “Bonola is either let in voluntarily or he uses a key that he knows is kept in the barbecue. A heated argument in the basement ensues and then a violent struggle before Bonola ruthlessly and brutally stabs Mrs Gaal in excess of 55 times, causing her demise”.

Although Gaal’s youngest son Leo had been in the house at the time of the attack, he had not heard anything. Police questioned the boy but released him the same day without charge.

Gessig went on to say that Bonala, who lived a short distance away in Richmond Hill, Queens, callously took one of Leo’s hockey bags from upstairs, using it to wheel the boy’s mother’s body through nearby Forrest Park where police also found the killer’s jacket.

The bag containing the body was discovered by a dog walker later that morning. NYPD were able to trace a trail of blood from the bag leading back to Gaal’s home in Juno Street.

The evidence of the extent of the couple’s affair and Bonala’s obsession with Gaal has been unearthed by the media from his Facebook page. Bonala made a series of comments on photos on Gaal’s account.

Written in Bonala’s native Spanish, the remarks translate to “the look of love” with a love heart emoji under a selfie of Gaal and “the most beautiful woman” along with an ‘in love’ emoji.

Bonala has been charged with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon.