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(VIDEO) Delicate Politics Went on Behind Scenes of Prince William and Harry’s Long-Awaited Reconciliation

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After years of turmoil between royal brothers Prince Harry and William, the British public were delighted to see the feuding Sussexes and the (now) Prince and Princess of Wales share a public display of unity.

Following the death of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II last Thursday, King Charles’ sons Prince William and Harry, flanked by their wives, Princess Kate and Duchess Meghan Markle, walked side-by-side outside Windsor Castle.

The couples shook hands with adorning members of the public, who looked ecstatic to see the feuding families together again, and admired the floral tributes left outside the castle for the beloved monarch.

Kate and Meghan both wore fitted black dresses as they walked alongside their husbands in the 40 minute very public display of unity after years of turmoil following Meghan and Harry’s decision to leave their royal life behind to start afresh in Hollywood.

According to a Kensington insider, the olive branch was extended by the Prince of Wales who invited Meghan and Harry to join him and his wife in paying tribute to the Queen.

The invitation followed a “lengthy” phone call with the new King, Charles III, in which the father encouraged his eldest son to reach out to his younger brother in an attempt to “bury the hatchet” and unite the family as they mourn their mother and grandmother.

But The Times reported that behind the scenes politics were very tense right up until the last minute. Harry reportedly did not immediately agree to the arrangement, and “11th hour” negotiations saw the Sussexes arrive 45 minutes late for the meeting.

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One Palace insider said:

“The Prince of Wales invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to join him and the Princess of Wales earlier. The Prince of Wales thought it was an important show of unity for the Queen at an incredibly difficult time for the family.” 

The relationship between the Royal Family and Meghan and Harry has become even more taught over the course of recent months as Meghan began her ‘Archetypes’ podcast. In it, she has continually attacked Harry’s family, which she venomously refers to as “the firm”.

The stress of the rift has reportedly taken its toll on the ageing monarch who was reportedly constantly fraught from “waiting for the next nuclear bomb” from the Sussexes.

During the Queen’s final few days, Harry and Meghan were in the UK staying just a hundred meters away from Sussexes, but the families quite tellingly did not meet. As the Queen’s health suddenly declined on Thursday, both brothers rushed from London to Scotland to be at their grandmother’s bedside.

As the couples greeted members of the grieving public together, one well-wisher handed William a Paddington Bear stuffed animal, which he handed to aide.

Meanwhile, Kate had mourners choking back the tears as she described how her youngest son, Prince Louis, 4, had told her “at least Grannie is with great grandpa now” upon being told of his great-grandmother’s demise.

The show of (albeit) organized reconciliation is a landmark event for the Royals. Despite the disagreements and the relentless attacks from the Sussexes, the public is now undoubtedly hoping for a permanent change in attitude and for the on-going bitterness to finally disintegrate.

During his first speech as King, Charles specifically mentioned Harry and Meghan, publicly wishing them well as they begin their “new life overseas” in a further attempt to wave the white flag.

All eyes will now be on the Sussexes as the ball lands firmly in their court.