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Vermont State Troopers Not “Digging” Dad’s Actions

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It’s a crazy world right now people! Head on a swivel out there! Violent crime is on the rise, the economy sucks, gas is higher than a giraffes business end, and we can only laugh at Joe Biden so much before we want to cry and curse.

Thank goodness for the wacky folks in Vermont. I’ve never been to Vermont. I don’t even know the state capital right offhand. Montpelier? Maybe that is correct, I ain’t looking it up.

Either way, the fine law enforcement of the Vermont State Police got a load more than they bargained for while trying to serve a warrant. Here’s the “scoop” per Outkick:

As if America isn’t crazy enough right now, along comes this case out of Vermont, of all places, where a dad started swinging an excavator bucket at state troopers who were on his property to arrest his son.

After all was said and done, the son and father were both arrested and everyone lived to see another day. This could’ve gone real bad for all involved.

A bucket loader? I have kids, so I dig what the dad was feeling in trying to protect his kid, but a bucket loader? That’s some serious firepower, if not a little cumbersome.

“Last week, two of our troopers found themselves in an unexpected and dangerous situation when they went to a home in Hardwick to arrest a suspect in an assault and burglary case,” state police said in a statement. “The suspect’s parents attempted to hinder the arrest, and ultimately the suspect’s father menaced and attempted to assault the troopers using an excavator.”

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Considering the state of our union in 2022, perhaps it would’ve been a better idea to surrender the boy peacefully rather than swing a couple thousand-pound piece of heavy machinery at two State Troopers.

What is the best-case scenario if you are the father here? Do you think the officers are going to just give up and leave? Has literally ANY encounter with police ended with the cops saying “I see your point sir, good day to you!”? I’m thinking no on this.

“Thankfully, the troopers were unharmed and able to arrest all the parties involved without any injuries. One of our commanders said later: ‘They don’t have a scenario at the academy where we practice this one.’”

I’m sure there isn’t a scenario at any academy as to how to diffuse a situation involving an angry parent with a Bobcat. Maybe there should be?

I’ve never been on anything bigger than a forklift, but I do have to admire the dad’s acumen with the excavator. I broke more stuff than I can recall during my (thankfully) short career on a fork, so I can only imagine the skill level involved in operating a bucket loader.

In the end, everyone spent the night, or more in the son’s case in presumably one of Vermont’s finest free hotels, and all involved were unhurt.

No word on the condition of the bucket loader.