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Utah College Offering Controversial Course to Women That Many Probably Don’t Need

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College used to be a place young people went away to so they could discover who they are, experience independence, and plot a course for successful adulthood. Money well spent in past years. Now, most colleges are liberal cesspools of communist ideology, racist narratives, and America hating ideas. Sounds like a good time to me! Fact is, you don’t even need a degree from a university anymore to make an excellent living. With trade schools and technical schools, you can easily land a high paying job with a minimum of education. A conventional college education now includes so much unnecessary content, it’s no wonder many young people are lost when they graduate.  A college in Utah is offering a controversial two-credit course that no one actually needs. Check this out.

Westminster College in Utah is offering a two-credit course titled “How to Be a B*tch”

“(Re)framing the Realities of Women in Leadership What does the media teach us about women (or gender) and leadership, aggression and behavior? What does interpersonal and organizational communication teach us? Why are words like ‘b*tch’ and ‘bossy’ so interesting yet problematic? Are they a badge or a burden? Come unpack B*tch and its related adjectives to figure out what you want to embrace and what we wish would go away,” a course description states.

I’m not sure what the end goal of a course like this is, but I’m a little afraid. Do we actually need more, either in the home or workplace? I’m not going to say the word, but you know what I mean. While it certainly is good to stand up for yourself and be assertive, where is the line between that and the other? Will this course teach young women how to find that line without obliterating it?

Dr. Kim Zarkin is listed as one of the instructors — according the college’s website, Zarkin’s “primary area of research is the regulation of sexually explicit speech.”

Here is where it starts to get dicey. The mention of regulating ANY speech is troublesome, even if it is sexually explicit speech. Our universities have been bad for cranking out females that are afraid of men and think they are oppressed. The women’s movement, or ‘feminism” is out of control on some college campuses. This isn’t to say that men don’t hold a responsibility to not be a foul-mouthed, sexually harassing pigs, I’m just not sure a college course encouraging or teaching women to be a certain way is constructive either. Can’t we just be respectful and constructive? Are there similar courses teaching men how to be d-bags? Probably not, but men tend to be pretty good at that anyway. Let’s hope that courses like this don’t become the norm at universities across the country. Otherwise fellas, we are in trouble!

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