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US On Track To Grant More Permanent Asylum Claims Than the Population of Austin, Texas

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In just five hours, at least 700 migrants paddled across the Rio Grande into America, where they are welcomed like tourists getting off a plane.

Illegal migrants are now so sure that they will be granted asylum in the United States, they’re willingly surrendering themselves to border patrol agents who have no choice but to take them in for processing.

Breitbart reported that hundreds of migrants made their way across the river to Eagle Pass, Texas and immediately gave themselves in to Texas Army National Guard soldiers, Highway Patrol and Border Patrol.

The groups, which consisted of bigger and smaller numbers roughly amounting to around 700 people, then waited for four hours to be transported to a processing center – which is reportedly already overwhelmed by sheer people numbers.

One group of around 200 were migrants, who mainly came from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua were transported to an international point of entry by the Texas DPS following Gov. Greg Abbott’s policy of sending the migrants to Customs and Border Protection.

Many groups waited for several hours in the sizzling 100F Texas heat as they awaited further instruction from border authorities. Another group of about 100 were found walking along a dirt road close to the border.

Eagle Pass is now the busiest channel for migrant crossings on the US-Mexico border. In July, an eye-watering 50,000 illegal migrants crossed this section of the border alone, an average of 1,600 a day in each single section.

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While no one can deny that the people flocking across the border come from poor countries, the vast majority of them are not genuine refugees fleeing for their lives, but are economic migrants in search of a ‘better life’.

The UN defines a refugee as: Persons who are outside their country of origin for reasons of feared persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or other circumstances that have seriously disturbed public order and, as a result, require international protection.”

In that sense, you can’t blame them for wanting a better life for themselves and their families, but while other foreigners from elsewhere, say Europe, (rightly) have to abide by US border laws and apply for Visas, why should citizens from a select group of countries be exempt from these laws?

Biden seems to think they should be, and upon his election into the White House, vowed he would stop the construction of Trump’s border wall in favor of allowing the free flow of people.

Although Biden has increased spending on Border Patrol, he knows for a fact there’s little that agents can legally do to physically stop people crossing under the US asylum law.

It’s easy to find out how many encounters with illegal migrants have had on the border, and how many have entered the country – but trying to discover how many have actually ever been denied asylum and returned is another matter. This doesn’t seem to be a figure that the government wants us to know!

According to WOLA, around 1.66 million migrants crossed the border in 2021, yet only around 60 percent were expelled, while 664,000 were granted permanent asylum as supposedly genuine ‘refugees’.

Just to put that into perspective, the population of Austin, Texas is 965,000. If we accept a similar amount next year, we will have granted more migrants asylum than there are people in Austin.

Obviously, this is not sustainable and our recognition of economic migrants as genuine refugees needs to come to an abrupt end.