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Up in Smoke! Electric Bus Fire Grounds Dem Dreams in Connecticut

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

The wheels on the bus go round and round. Or at least they are supposed to. That is, unless the bus is on fire.

Democrats dream big, don’t they? Wind power, solar panels everywhere, electric vehicles. It’s a shiny, clean future under Dem leadership!

At least that’s what they would have you believe. Truth is, solar is unreliable and inefficient, wind depends on wind, hydroelectric is good, but gotta have a river, and electric vehicles have to be charged somehow. Usually by coal fired electricity.

Electric vehicles also have a dangerous element lurking in every one. The batteries. The lithium-ion batteries are difficult to dispose of and can be dangerous in collisions, or if there’s a fire.

Democrats in one Connecticut town found out the hard way, and now the entire fleet of busses is grounded. Ler’s check with IJR for the fiery details:

An entire fleet of electric buses in Connecticut is being pulled off the road.

Various Democratic lawmakers in the state promoted the fleet as a step forward in green energy.

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However, on Saturday, those green energy plans went up in flames, literally.

After the lithium battery of one CT transit bus caught fire, destroying the entire vehicle, the rest of the fleet was pulled from service as a precaution according to CT Insider.  The bus had no occupants inside at the time of the incident.

Thankfully no one was injured, but those type fires burn so hot and so quickly, what if there were? Undoubtedly would’ve ended in tragedy, and for what? A fevered dream by the Democrats to eliminate fossil fuels?

We are humans. We burn things. We always have, and we always will. The goal shouldn’t be to STOP burning things, rather to figure out how to more cleanly and efficiently burn things.

“Lithium-ion battery fires are difficult to extinguish due to the thermal chemical process that produces great heat and continually reignites,” Hamden fire officials said.

For safety purposes, the entire fleet has been pulled.

Now, in its stead, diesel-powered buses are rolling through Connecticut once again.

Good thing diesel fuel is so inexpensive. Oh wait, thanks to Brandon diesel fuel is well over 5 bucks a gallon nationwide. Makes one wonder if the costs incurred to fuel these busses will be passed on to the riders. Hopefully not since lower income people are generally bus riders. It’s a vicious cycle.

In a hilariously ironic twist, only one day prior to the Saturday fire, state officials gathered together in New Haven, Connecticut, to “boost the success of the Clean Air Act that would restrict diesel vehicles and increase electric cars in the state.”

“There are approximately 800 buses that we are responsible for at the DOT that are being replaced with no-emissions electric models. They’re quieter, they emit no emissions, and they last longer,” state DOT Commissioner Joe Giulietti said at the event.

Hilarious indeed, unless one of these electric busses catches on fire with a load of passengers. The potential litigation would be staggering.

To be honest, I didn’t know the state of Connecticut needed 800 busses, no less 800 electric ones.

Folks, the Dems are dragging us into a future that we don’t want or need. Electric vehicles are a disaster waiting to happen, and in Connecticut, it already happened.