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Unlikely Celebrities Are Now Opposing Aspects Of The Official Vaccine Narrative

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

With not only the government but also many private businesses and services in the US beginning to crack down on vaccine status some unlikely celebrities are beginning to voice their opposition. One of these is celebrity female rapper Nicki Minaj. After someone in her circle allegedly had a reaction to the vaccine she took to Twitter to voice her opinions on the matter. The reactions to her speaking her mind were swift, however not all of them were negative. In the wake of the dust-up she has had some voices of support such as Rose McGowan.

It all started after Minaj shared that her cousin in Trinidad was refusing to get the vaccine because of a friend who had an adverse reaction. Authorities in Trinidad have said that her claim is false and pushed back against any stories that the vaccine has caused “impotence” in men, as the friend had allegedly claimed.

However, that didn’t stop the singer from bowing out of the Met Gala because of it’s enforcement of vaccine requirement for guests. She also took to Twitter to proclaim that she had the right to make her own decisions and do her own research on the jab and that, “If I get vaccinated it won’t be for the Met.”

The move drew tons of vitriol from the Blue-Check Twitterati with many saying that Nicki was “spreading disinformation” and harming others by not falling in line with the vaccine narrative of others who attended the event such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Even Joy Reid tore into the rapper during her show, which in turn drew a segment from Tucker Carlson defending her.

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The fallout for Nicki Minaj has been fans and pundits both being divided on whether they support her, peers speaking out against her, and her Twitter account being taken down. Some of her fans even showed up to a CDC headquarters in Atlanta to protest what they viewed as unfair treatment of the rapper and to say that they believed her advice on the vaccine over the CDC.

While Twitter claims that they did not take any actions against her account, Nicki claims that she was put in “Twitter jail” and that she will never use the social media platform again. Twitter has become known for suspending anyone with a large platform speaking their mind against the official narrative of the CDC and Dr. Fauci. The only difference here seems to be that Nicki Minaj was one of the last people most would expect to come out publicly against vaccine requirements. The tech giant maintains that Minaj did not violate their rules and that, “Twitter did not take any enforcement action in the account.”

Meanwhile, reporters attempting to shoot holes in her friends story have allegedly been threatening her family in Trinidad with doxxing and harassing them over text message as well. The messages were then publicly posted by Minaj and the numbers of the journalists involved were posted publicly. This has many accusing the singer of doxxing the journalists who were allegedly attempting to doxx her family.

With the drama still playing out it’s anyone’s guess where this will all land. Even President Biden was asked about the situation, though he ignored the question. With many on the Left furious about Minaj’s comments and actions, and many on the Right unsure as to whether they really want to support the controversial rapper the situation has much of the country scratching their heads.

As more details become available we will keep you updated with how the story unfolds.