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Twisted Sister Frontman Joins Kiss Frontman Decrying “Dangerous Fad”

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley made waves recently when he commented about transition surgery, calling it a “dangerous fad.” He discussed how adults are confusing “teaching acceptance” with “normalizing and encouraging” a difficult emotional situation. When he called it a “dangerous fad,” he was simply stating what the vast majority of people believe.

Now, another classic rocker that also used to wear lots of makeup and wigs and women’s clothes has weighed in and agreed with Stanley.

Dee Snider, frontman of the 80s band Twisted Sister, is no stranger to androgeny. Of course, most bands from his era routinely wore wigs, spandex, makeup, and eyeliner. Thank goodness that isn’t the style today. In a Tweet, Snider seemed to back Stanley.

Outkick had this to say:

Twisted Sister has an album called Under The Blade, and while that title is a reference to throat surgeries, frontman Dee Snider is the sensible type who feels that kids aren’t prepared to make their own decisions when it comes to going under the blade.

At least not when it comes to receiving medical treatment to change genders.

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While Snyder was once the rebel rocker responsible for teen anthems like “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock,” in recent years, he has been very vocal in his support for lockdowns, mandates, and most of the liberal agenda. Voicing support for Paul Stanley is a decided break from his norm and a welcome voice for common sense.

Outkick continued:

Snider raises a great point: how many kids over the decades could’ve been coerced into transitioning had they grown up today? Well, probably everyone who played in Motley Crüe, Poison, Warrant, or any other glam metal band from the ’80s.

Again to rational people, Stanley’s comments and Sniders’ agreement with him are not controversial in the least. Most probably agree with them word for word.

Snyder’s Tweet still managed to cause a stir in San Francisco. San Francisco Pride is upset over Snider’s agreement with Stanley’s comments as they were going to announce Twisted Sister’s famous anti-establishment song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as the official anthem of Pride 2023.

Of course, there is no reason they can’t continue to use the song, as transitioning kids has absolutely nothing to do with pride and everything to do with a need for expanded mental health services and education. The two things can exist separately. Sensible people like Dee Snider and Paul Stanley aren’t afraid to point that out, even if some people aren’t listening.

It is a nice change of direction for Stanley and Snider. They have both seemed to become MORE establishment in their old age. Rock and roll is about rebellion and anti-establishment, and many aging rockers have seemed to do a 180-degree shift toward agreeing with “the man.” Just check out Rage Against the Machine. They are raging FOR the machine.

It’s a sad trend for many of us to see the heroes of our youth become spokesmen for big pharma and the left, so when Kiss and Twisted Sister make an about-face on any subject, it is welcomed.