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Trump Was Right To Protect US Borders: Soft Touch Britain Now Faces A Record Breaking Illegal Migrant Crisis

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Compared to the USA which seems vast to us on this little island across the pond, Britain is a relatively small mass of land roughly equating to the size of one US State.

Tiny island nation Britain is now facing an invasion of thousands of illegal migrants every month and because the British Conservative Party government cannot (or will not) control its borders, the British public is facing some serious consequences as a result.

This January alone, over 1,308 migrants have landed on British beaches so far, using small boats and dinghies to cross the English Channel from refugee camps in Calais, France. An increase of nearly six times the total for January last year.

Startlingly, the British Home Office is reportedly now working on the unthinkable, record-breaking basis that 65,000 illegal migrants will cross the Channel from France this year – the equivalent of the population of Liverpool in seven years. Very few are ever returned.

The woke brigade will have us all believe these are desperate people fleeing war-torn countries, their argument quickly evaporates when you remind them that to reach soft-touch Britain, they must first pass through the European Union and finally perfectly safe France where they have refused to claim asylum.

As pro-Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage says, they are mostly ‘economic migrants’, cherry picking their country of preference for economic or social benefits.

As a Brit, it devastates me to hear about the same travesty happening on the US border.

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Under the Biden administration, the number of illegal migrants who reached the US-Mexico border climbed to its highest level in over 20 years.

Almost two million migrants were reported to have reached the border by the end of 2021.

Although no one can begrudge someone for wanting to begin a better, more financially stable life elsewhere, the rule of law must apply equally to everyone no matter which nation they come from. There are legal ways to emigrate.

Lefties both sides of the pond will triumphantly point out that under UN law, it is not illegal to apply for asylum.

While this is true, it is not against UN law to detain migrants in border detention centres for the duration that their claim is processed, including any appeals. Nor do these laws state that member nations must accept an asylum application.

The failing to deal with the problem lies squarely on the shoulders of individual nations and is down to weak, woke domestic policy combined with largely non-existent border controls.

The encouragement of this continued influx of unknown individuals swarming from poor to rich nations not only poses a serious security risk (remember the failed asylum seeker who attempted to blow up a British hospital a few months ago), a safety concern for the migrants themselves (hundreds die attempting border crossing each year), but also is detrimental to the struggling economies of the countries these people are leaving en-masse.

Their workforces are dwindling, their economies stretched to the limit while a handful of rich nations are pushed to breaking point.

Tougher border controls and laws are not there to spite those in need, but to protect everyone’s best interests. It’s time the West swallowed its pride and admitted Trump was always right to protect America’s borders. It is unviable to carry on as we are.