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Tough Times! Tequila Shortage Looming on the Horizon, Stock Up!

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Shortages have been the calling card of the Joe Biden presidency. From crackers to chips to toilet appear, good luck finding everything you need with old Joe in office.

The supply chain has been a disaster, prices have been sky high, and little relief has been felt for Americans since 2020. Many patriots like to have a nice, stiff drink to unwind and forget about the impending economic collapse and WW3 looming on the horizon.

Guess that is over, at least if you desire the clear, delicious taste of tequila. Looks like there is a shortage on the horizon. Maybe we can’t blame old Joe, but it doesn’t make it any less painful! Check this out!

Tequila drinkers might want to stock up while they can.

Due to weather in Mexico, there could be a massive tequila shortage on the horizon due to agave – what tequila is made out of – not being produced at a high enough level due to high temps, according to Fox Weather.

“At a time when large agave crops are needed to meet demand, the extreme weather in Mexico is increasing the problems and the potential for scarcity of the product,” Everstream Analytics’ chief meteorologist Jon Davis explained.

A combination of bad weather and high demand could collide to create a disaster of a situation.

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Are we blaming climate change? Maybe if Greta Thunberg had told us we would be running short on tequila we would have paid closer attention. I can do with a couple fewer polar bears, but no clear tequila? Hell no!

“Global demand for tequila has been on the high side during the past few years, which has increased the need for large agave harvests to fulfill demand,” Davis further added.

Now, extreme heat and dryness are causing problems with the agave crop.

“Precipitation totals across much of the country have been less than 25% of normal with large sections having totals less than 10% and 5% of normal. These are extremely low, and in many cases, record-setting over this long of a period – two and half months,” Davis elaborated.

Looks like cow farts and all of the carbon us mouth-breathers emit is going to kill our buzz. Literally. Though I always considered Mexico to be one big desert.  I’ve never been there, just seen movies.

So, what do we do in the interim? Pray for rain? Perhaps stock up is the answer. People certainly had no problem hoarding toilet paper and bottled water during Covid, so maybe get down to the local liquor store and get the necessities. Tequila, a coupe bags of lime, maybe extra salt, and prepare to hunker down and wait for the apocalypse. At least you might not feel it when the sky falls on you Chicken Little style. Best case scenario you are fully stocked up for your next party. Maybe a shindig to celebrate staying alive until Joe Biden is gone!