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(VIDEO) Top Child Health Body Under Fire for pushing Irreversible Trans Procedures on Kids

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has come under fire for shunning mental health therapy for young people suffering with dysphoria and pushing for them to under-go body-altering procedures.

According to reports, the AAP, which is America’s largest health authority for children has a written policy which encourages healthcare providers to provide children and teens who identify as transgender with “gender affirming care.

This includes medical treatment to reinforce the patient’s chosen gender using drugs, hormones and eventually life-changing surgical procedures which many youngsters will live to regret.

The guidelines the AAP sets out influences around 67,000 child-health specialists and, according to insiders, it refuses to explore the possibility of exploring the use of mental health treatment for young people who feel dysphoric about their bodies.

“There are other ways to treat gender dysphoria, and AAP seems to be ignoring these other approaches,” said psychotherapist Stella O’Malley who is also a member of Genspect – an organization for parents and medical care providers.

She went on to say that the AAP’s determination to encourage dysphoric kids to take a cocktail of damaging drugs which often produce irreversible changes rather than attempting to treat their mental health is “fast tracking” them into a “nuclear option”.

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O’Malley explained that the cocktail of gender-altering drugs given to mentally ill children have a “heavy medical burden on the body” and can cause a whole array of issues including infertility, anorgasmia and even osteoporosis, a health condition that leads to very fragile and weak bones.

Dysphoria is considered an official mental illness and can include the patient illogically and irrationally feeling uncomfortable about any part of their body, not just gender.

The National Health Service (NHS), England describes the condition as “a mental health condition where a person spends a lot of time worrying about flaws in their appearance”.  

While the NHS website states the cause of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is not known, it lists genetics, a chemical imbalance in the brain or a traumatic experience in the past as possible causes.

While for other types of BDD, medical professionals seem to point sufferers towards mental help groups or treatment for anxiety or depression, as soon as a patient shows any sign of gender dysphoria, doctors seem to feel obliged to encourage drugs or cosmetic surgeries.

In March, five top pediatricians called for a major review of the way US doctors handle gender dysphoric kids’ treatment. They called for a “rigorous systematic review” of the AAP’s policies and pointed out that a growing number of young people who transitioned as children are now needing reversal treatments.

The concerned doctors expressed their “deep concerns about the use of medical and surgical interventions without sufficient exploratory psychotherapy” and said that like in other Western nations including Britain and Finland, a review regarding BDD treatment policies is well over-due.

Last month, a teenager from California told a medical panel that she had been “encouraged” by doctors to take hormone drugs and later have transgender surgery- at the age of 13, a decision which Chloe Cole now bitterly regrets.

For a short period of time, Chloe lived as a boy called Leo, but grew out of the phase. Unfortunately, she had already undergone surgery which “irreversibly and painfully” altered her body because of the advice she and her parents had received from specialists.

She warned the panel about society, including the medical industry, of being brainwashed by LGBT propaganda and activism which is now ruining young people’s lives. Chloe now probably won’t be able to have children or breastfeed.

Mental health nurse, de-transitioner and member of the Gender Dysphoria Alliance, Aaron Kimberly said that US medical professionals are being blindsided by divisive, polarized politics:

“The responsibility of our clinical governing bodies isn’t to participate in a culture or political war,” he said.

“It needs to provide us with evidence-based information and evidence-based clinical practices.”