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Tom Brady Missing From Training Camp. Has the Internet “Unmasked” the Reason Why?

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It’s that time of year folks! Football is back in the air.

While the crisp fall temperatures aren’t quite here yet, all the hope and speculation and fresh enthusiasm are on full display across the country.

I’m a huge pro football fan, and college to a much lesser extent, but pro football is my game. There are already a number of story lines shaping up, from a certain quarterback in Cleveland that is missing 11 games for being a perv, to suspensions for a couple other key players.

One of the biggest story lines thus far is the situation with Tom Brady. As everyone knows, Brady famously retired and then promptly unretired, all the while signing a massive deal with Fox sports to work in the booth after his playing days are over.

Recently, Brady took a leave of absence from Bucs training camp, something that is basically unprecedented for Tom. Speculation has run wild on the ‘why”, but the internet may have “unmasked” the reason. Let’s check Barstool Sports for the details:

Tom Brady – the most driven, preparation-obsessed workaholic in NFL history – suddenly taking a sabbatical in the middle of Tampa Bay’s training camp. Something that was not announced ahead of time. Then the Bucs claimed it had all been worked out in advance. Then they said they don’t know how long it will last. Such changing narratives and half-truths provide the perfect laboratory conditions for conspiracy theories to grow. 

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That is not incorrect. Tom Brady hasn’t had the success and longevity that he has had without absolute dedication to detail, a tireless work ethic, a borderline insane physical regiment, and the complete support of his family and teammates.

In short, it’s unprecedented for Brady to just “peace out” during training camp. The teams’ muddied reasoning doesn’t help. Brady isn’t the type to keep his employers in the dark about what’s going on.

All very curious.

Now the internet thinks they have cracked the case. I realize this sounds stupid, but perhaps Tom Brady is doing this season of the hit Fox show “The Masked Singer”?

Yuck. I despise that show with every fiber of my being. A perfect example of why Elvis was right to shoot his TV in its face.

This is some of the worst television in a while, and considering the state of network entertainment, that’s saying something.

So why would Brady do it? Maybe something to do with the MASSIVE truck load of cash the network gave Tom when they thought he would be in the booth this season? One possibility.

Brady’s bestie Rob Gronkowski, and erstwhile bestie Antonio Brown have both done the show, so it isn’t unusual for athletes to attempt to polish up their image with a turn in a bear suit, singing karaoke.

Don’t laugh or do. The timeline meshes perfectly, and to be honest, Brady of all players probably needs training camp the least.

Most people think of Brady as just a pretty boy prima donna, and with his impending booth work looming on the horizon, perhaps this would be an attempt to make him more likeable and relatable to the viewers.

Who knows?

What we DO know is Buc fans are nervous, Tom Brady is missing, and the internet is on fire with theories, no more or less plausible than “The Masked Singer” Stay tuned!