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This Was Heard at TJ Maxx in the Hamptons

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First, let me be clear. I’m no snob. I LOVE discount shopping. My daughter buys almost all of her clothings from Goodwill. No shame in our game.

In this era of Biden-flation, you have to pinch pennies wherever you can, right? If that means skipping the high-end mall shops (do malls still exist?) in favor of used clothing, or discount stores, then so be it. If I have to choose between filling my tank or getting new Jordans, I’m filling my tank. About the same price anyway.

There was a curious sighting at a TJ Maxx in the Hamptons recently. What was tucked in by the discount bin? Or rather, who? Let’s find out!

Per Outkick:

Scoring the ideal garment for a discounted price is never a bad deal. But when you’re a Hollywood actress that accrued millions and lost it all by trying to defame Captain Jack Sparrow, getting pictured near the clearance aisle isn’t the best look.

Allegedly broke actress Amber Heard, 36, has been spotted once again since her highly publicized trial against Johnny Depp.

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As reported by TMZ, Heard was spotted at a TJ Maxx — a savings fashion store — in the Hamptons, tugging on the narrative that Heard is penny-pinching to break even after legal fees and damages left the actress “broke.”

Ouch. That has to hurt. Amber Heard went from Aqua Man to Aqua Net? Do they make Aqua Net anymore?

Now there isn’t anything wrong with TJ Maxx, as it is one of the “fancier” discount stores. I frequent the one in my town from time to time. Only difference is, I do it because I’m on a budget, not because I lost everything after pooping on Captain Jack’s bed. I don’t even know the man.

Heard’s latest appearance on television was an interview where she reiterated her innocence and that the trial didn’t include her “binder of evidence.”

Heard is now demanded to pay her ex-husband $8.4 million in damages after making defamatory statements against Depp. Her estimated net worth is reportedly $8 million, though some have placed the total as low as $1 million due to the legal expenses.

Depp pulled the receipts on Heard — winning three of his defamation claims — and survived the hyped-up trial.

Amber! If you have a BINDER of evidence, next time bring it with you! That’s FREE advice, since Heard can clearly no longer afford full-price advice.

It is unknown whether Amber picked up an application for TJ Maxx after her shopping excursion. It’s my understanding that they give a pretty nice employee discount, so it’s something to consider.

In one of the most unifying moments in recent American history, people rallied over watching Heard sporadically break character and lose to Depp after she gave severe allegations of abuse during a time when women were speaking up against their abusers in Hollywood.

What a weird time to be alive in America. Gone are the days of high end spectacles like the OJ Simpson trial, replaced by the riveting, often hilarious Depp V Heard, and the made-for-tv farce that is the January 6th hearings.

I think the whole case should’ve been settled on Judge Judy. Why not, it’s 2022 America!