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This Virus Is Dodging the Almighty Protection That Was Promised

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

When I was young, the word vaccine meant one thing; you’d be protected and immune from whatever the vaccine was for. Growing up, we got vaccines throughout life that provided true immunization, and the only time you didn’t need the vaccine is if you had already caught the illness. When that happens, your body creates antibodies to fight off the virus it was meant to treat, so there was no reason to be vaccinated.

Vaccines were tested thoroughly for years to ensure they would work with as few side effects as possible, but all that seemed to go out the window when the pandemic happened.

There have been numerous cases where people still contracted Covid, despite being told they would be protected if they were vaccinated. There were also reports of people dying after receiving the vaccine, but this didn’t stop the government and big media from pushing the agenda to get vaccinated, despite being developed super-fast, and not being tested thoroughly. Fear overtook reason and many people followed blindly and took the vaccine, regardless of the dangers seen and unforeseen.

Well, today I bring good news for those who like following orders blindly. Soon enough you’ll be able to get even more vaccines or boosters.

That’s because a new variant of omicron is rising in the U.S. The covid subvariant known as BA.5 repressed 54% of the country’s Covid cases as of Saturday, as indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A comparative subvariant, BA.4, makes up 17% more.

“They’re taking over, so they’re more contagious than earlier variants of omicron,” said David Montefiori, a professor at the Human Vaccine Institute at Duke University Medical Center.

The two subvariants also seem to dodge the defense from antibodies and past contaminations more effectively than the majority of their predecessors. Imagine if all the other vaccines we take were like this one and didn’t offer true immunity?

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The FDA gauges that the new boosters from Moderna and Pfizer will be available in early to mid-fall.

“The companies are now scurrying to make the BA.4/BA.5-containing vaccine and test that clinically,” Montefiori said.

Now get this, the ‘experts’ emphasized that there might not be any dramatic difference in protection between the additional boosts of the ongoing vaccines and the new one being developed for omicron. They tout that the vaccines still work all the same to protect your life and prevent severe illness.

If all the vaccines work the same in terms of giving you protection, then why would they continue to make more and more and tell people they need to take the new vaccine or booster. I mean, at what point do we start to wonder how much is too much when we have the same vaccine made over and over for different variants or sub-varients. Imagine the medicine shelves having nothing other than vaccines for covid because we continue to develop them more and more.

However, I suppose if I were a big business person and I had developed something that people clamored for and it brought in the cash, I would probably milk it as long as I could too.