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This School District is Promoting “Genderqueer” Identities and Teaching Children that Heterosexuality is “Oppressive”!

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

In the latest push for the New World of Gender-bender ideology, the San Diego Unified school district is now adopting principles of queer academic theory and translating them into K-12 pedagogy. The ultimate goal of this madness occurring across the nation is to dismantle “heteronormativity” and promote a very confusing array of new sexual identities, ranging from “genderqueer,” “non-binary,” “pansexual,” and “two-spirit. There are many others, and the majority of American families have honestly had enough.

Materials from the San Diego Unified School District reveal a very disturbing curriculum that includes what they are calling the basic premise of queer theory that alleges white Europeans created a false “gender binary” and used the categories of “male” and “female” to control racial and sexual minorities. What? 

A San Diego Unified training program for facilitators of LGBTQ student groups argues that this system of “heteronormativity” forces students to conform to societal norms imposed on them, such as they are “assigned” sex at birth, pressed into the identities of “man” and “woman,” and expected to have heterosexual relationships resulting in “marriage” and “kids” This “gender binary,” however, is arbitrary, socially constructed, and harmful. It is, in the words of the presentation, a “limited system [that] excludes and oppresses trans, nonbinary, intersex, and gender-nonconforming people.” 

If all of this sounds confusing, that’s because it is meant to be. They are deliberately turning the world as we know it upside down, trying to convince society that the anatomical science of male and female was forced upon us by White, colonial Europeans.

A series of curriculum documents from the San Diego Unified District encourages students to study the fundamental doctrine of queer theory and then look at photographs of gender-nonconforming role models, including a woman with a beard, a boy in a dress, a teenage girl with a “genderqueer” identity, a boy wearing a tiara, and an infant with a “gender neutral baby name.” In another document published by San Diego Unified, administrators applaud “nonbinary identities” and insist that there must be a “linguistic revolution to move beyond gender binaries.” 

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It gets even worse. In a joint training partnership by San Diego Unified and Planned Parenthood, administrators educate teachers on the rainbow of new identities and tell them to eradicate traditional vocabulary. Men are now to be referred to as “people with a penis,” and women are to be called “people with a vulva.” According to the indoctrinators at San Diego Unified, this is because some women can have penises, and some men can have vulvas. Again, What?

The district also suggests that teachers can offer guidance in a child’s gender transition without parents being notified. This fabulous training program also includes some mock questions on sexuality that teachers can address in the classroom, including: “Is it okay to masturbate?”“How do gay people have sex?”“What is porn?”; and “What does semen taste like?” In another similar presentation, the district advises teachers on leading discussions on “how to use a condom” and how to engage in “safer oral sex” and “safer anal sex.”

How did we come this far from dignity, integrity, morals, and love for our children? How did we allow the left to hijack our kids and their childhood? How do people who support progressive leftist ideology not have an issue with this? It is no longer about right vs. left; it is about good vs. evil, and good must prevail, or our children will inherit a world that is confused, godless, and obsessed with adding to the list of gender abnormalities. 

It is outrageous and unbelievable to see the once obscure and taboo talking points of gender dysphoria become part of a classroom curriculum in parts of the United States and abroad. At this point, only the parents have the power to push back and end this, as was evident the night Younkin won the Gubernatorial vote in Virginia. That was a wake-up call to school boards around the country, and we hope the government will see more of this in November. The goal of dismantling “heteronormativity” is destructive to the basic building blocks of life. Perhaps, that is the point of all this.