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VIDEO: This Popular Musician Blacked Out While Performing Live

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A very popular musician recently blacked out while performing live on stage. The newer generational teens might not know a lot about them, but those from the late 60s to late 90s will remember them easily.

Even if you have never heard any of his music, I’m sure you have heard quotes from it or heard some of it in movies or TV shows. Popular quotes from his music include sayings like Smooth – “give me your love make it real or else forget about it” or Maria Maria – “she reminds me of a west side story”, and if you know the songs, you probably sang the lyrics in your head as you read those quotes.

The singer behind these legendary lyrics and so many more is veteran guitarist Carlos Santana. He is well known for playing the guitar – and ‘smooth’ at playing it.

Santana recently passed out in front of a live audience during a show at Pine Knob Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan on Tuesday night. Luckily the show was a live one and not one of those weird online concerts, because of this he was able to receive rapid assistance and was seen waving to his fans as he was wheeled offstage.

Upon examination, Santana was overwhelmed due to being dehydrated and heat exhaustion as per his rep and was taken to the crisis division at McLaren Clarkston emergency clinic.

As per Santana’s manager, Michael Vrionis, Santana is “doing well, but the concert scheduled for today – July 6th – at the Pavilion at Star Lake in Burgettstown, Pa. will be postponed to a later date. More details to follow thru Live Nation.”

According to some sources, Santana was around 20 minutes into his set when he blacked out on the drum riser toward the start of the song ‘Joy’ and afterward fell backward. Clinical staff on standby quickly sprang into action and surged in front of the audience and the first thing the group did was pray because of a “serious medical issue.”

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However, the performer’s condition easily improved just after a short time had passed, and he waved to his fans as he was wheeled offstage. All glory to God he’s doing fine, despite the fact that he was to some degree covered by a dark tarp to help shield him from the public while clinical faculty began to assess the situation.

His most famous single was “Maria Maria,” and I remember hearing it on the radio, and in stores, my uncle had his album and played it over and over, it was everywhere. The song has been remixed multiple times, and one was done by Wyclef. It had smooth guitar playing with the R&B duo The Product G&B. If you’ve never heard it, I’d highly recommend searching it up on Youtube when you can.

Santana is going to be turning 73 this month and went through what his team portrayed as an “unscheduled” heart procedure last December. This caused a delay in that month’s residency in Las Vegas. However, he continued the residency the very next month and in late March sent off yet another North American tour that continued from that point onward.