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This Party Wants To Change the Constitution

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

What is the deal with the government being hellbent on taking rights away from us?

The “my body my choice” people in particular. I wonder where those same people were when it came to the vaccines. That issue should have united us as one since it affected us all, but no, it was still a tool that was used to divide us yet again. The “my body my choice” group should have agreed with those who refused or didn’t want to get vaccinated if they truly believed in their logic.

However, they were instead on the side of the government and the ‘experts’. Together, we were taking it from all sides to get vaccinated. They now feel as though their rights have been taken away because of the recent decision on Roe v Wade. To that I ask, what about the child’s rights? Doesn’t that child have a right to live? Wouldn’t they have the same God-given rights as you or me?

No, these people completely disregard the fact that this gift from God is living and comfort themselves when killing it by lying to themselves, saying it’s nothing more than a random pile of cells.

There have been so many things the government has tried to change for their goals. They try to add or take away rights or even change the definition of some words which would completely change the meaning of the law.

Now we’ve got the republicans wanting to change a word within the constitution.

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The party is wanting to change the word “legislature.”

You might be like me and wondering, well why, and what effect would it have on things? Well, in theory, it would mean that state lawmakers could have newfound power to be able to ignore voters and simply just pick presidents.

The original idea according to the liberal-inclining Brennan Center for Justice came from an agreeing assessment by the then-Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist in the Bush v. Gore decision that settled back in the 2000 political decision.

Now, people are saying that this is only being done because Republicans lost the election and are trying to figure out a way to ensure victory. However, if we take a deeper look into what’s going on what can we find?

We find that the benefactors of the “Free State Legislature Claim” contend that since the Constitution doesn’t name specific places of state government bodies (including courts) they should have no ability to really take a look at the council regarding the matter of bureaucratic decisions.

The legislative guide drawn by North Carolina’s GOP-controlled governing body to help Republicans was tossed out by the state Supreme Court recently. While the state is politically parted, the council’s guide would probably have brought about Republicans getting two legislative seats. With that, conservative officials in the Tar Heel State maintain that the U.S. Supreme Court should permit them to overlook the state court and utilize the GOP-accommodating guide for future elections after this year’s midterms.

Of course, something like this would pop up as mid-term elections creep around the corner. In any case, I think it’s time we get someone else in the driver’s seat of this country and let Biden go rest and eat some ice cream. Let the Democrats and Republicans fight and blame each other about things all they want, just get someone more competent in the office already.